Saturday, August 19, 2017

Help Us Never Forget

One Team for the Lights

Tribute and Flag

After nearly 10 years, Tribute In Light in Lower Manhattan is in danger of going dark forever. It's become a common misconception that donations made to the World Trade Center memorial also fund Tribute in Light, or that it is part of the annual memorial in New York City. Neither is true. The incredible memorial that Tribute has provided us as Americans deserves to be maintained. At Sports Media 101 we have set out to ensure the lights continue to burn bright, and we are asking you to join our team.

Our Mission

It is Sports Media 101's One Team for the Lights mission to provide an opportunity for all of America to help maintain one of the most incredible memorials in our nation. The Municipal Art Society of New York gave the spirit of New York and all of America life when they began Tribute In Light. Every penny donated as a part of our ongoing initiative will help to keep the lights shining.

One Team for the Lights Dedication

"One day, every year
We are not Giants or Devils
We wear not pin stripes or gang green
We root not for our island or our state
We play not in gardens or arenas
We gaze not upon a field with lights aglow
For on this day
We are one team
United in red, white and blue
We weep for those lost
We root for those who sacrifice to protect
We stand proud on our home field
We gaze up in reverence
Upon beams of remembrance
Cheering freedom and liberty
These victorious rights
Privileges won in stubbornness
By struggles of will and grit
As we look up to the sky
Let these lights shine
Shine for those lost
Shine for miles to see
And thank God
For our one team
United we stand Together
And together
We shall never forget"
Tribute and Sky
From Top of Page - First Photo by: Robert Vizzini, Second Photo by: Robert Vizzini, Third Photo by: Robert Vizzini