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World Class Athletes are Always Looking for a Competitive Edge

May 12th, 2014 at 4:59 AM
By Sports Media 101

With the grand prix well under way, horse racing season upon us and other major sporting events just around the corner such as The Commonwealth Games this July, it is an important time for many sports players and fans world over. Often we see players and fans taking all sorts of weird and wonderful measures to give their side the competitive edge, from strange diets and exercise regimes, prayers and wishes to psychic consultations; often no stone is left unturned in the goal for that next win.

Winning Matters

Since organized sports first began in Ancient Greece with the invention of have gladiator fighting and athletics there have been various superstitions and rituals associated with gaining good luck to win. At the heart of organized sports is the competitive nature of individuals to do better than the opposing team or player and as such, winning does matter to both players and fans. Stating that it is just a game or something where people hit a ball around a field a few times is not going to go very far with an avid sports lover.

Psychic to the Stars

It is now not uncommon for major A list celebrities to have their own spiritual or psychic advisor, but not many people are aware that most major sports teams also have their own advisors. They help the players to live their lives in a positive way that will most benefit the team and hopefully help lead them to victory on match day. Shafi-Scagliarini is one such advisor who has a client list that anyone would be jealous of including entertainment stars like Britney Spears alongside major league baseball teams. To read more about celebrity sports stars and psychics read this article based on an interview with Shafi-Scagliarini.

Superstitious Stars

Before you start thinking that you are weird for always wearing your lucky pants on match day, or always walking because that's what you did the day you won by an obscene amount, take a moment to find out what your favorite celebrity sports star does before their match. It may surprise you find out that they listen to certain tracks before every match or always kiss their Mum before they step out onto court.

For more on the most superstitious sports stars, follow this link which will tell you all about how Serena Williams has to bounce her tennis ball five times before her first serve but just twice before her second in amongst other strange behaviors.

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