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Lolo Jones Finds Her Way to Sochi, This Time in a Bobsled

January 20th, 2014 at 5:13 PM
By Cody Dalga

Track star Lolo Jones was one hurdle away from a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics as well as just missing out on a medal in London, finishing in fourth. Many thought her chance to stand on the medal podium was all but shot, but not anymore.

Jones found out Sunday night that all of the hard work she put in had finally paid off as she had been selected to represent the United States as a bobsledder. Jones as well as Lauryn Williams, also a Summer Olympic veteran, and Aja Evans were each selected to make up the U.S. bobsled team.

"I was definitely very nervous entering the room," Jones said following the announcement. "I'm usually used to looking up at a screen after I cross the finish line to see the results. You're just like anxious, armpits are sweating, don't know what's going to happen."

When Jones made the announcement that she would train for the possibility to become a part of the winter Olympic team, some believed it was strictly a publicity stunt. But after taking part in numerous competitions, including a second place finish in her first World Cup bobsledding event and a gold at the FIBT World Championships in January of 2013 in was obvious that Jones was trying to silence the critics.

The Iowa-native who ran track at LSU posted on her Facebook page following Sunday's announcement.

"Had I not hit a hurdle in Beijing I would not have tried to go to London to redeem myself," Jones posted. "Had I not got fourth in London I would not have tried to find another way to accomplish the dream. Bobsled was my fresh start. Bobsled humbled me. Bobsled made me stronger. Bobsled made me hungry. Bobsled made me rely on faith. Bobsled gave me hope. I push a bobsled but bobsled pushed me to never give up on my dreams." 

The Women's 2-man competition is set to begin Tuesday, February 18 and concludes the following day.

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