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How to Turn the Local Park into Your Gym

April 8th, 2014 at 3:28 AM
By Sports Media 101

During the winter, those of us who are more fitness-inclined see ourselves spend less and less time exercising outside and more and more time exercising at the local gym or in our home workout spaces. With a treadmill at home (Fitness Warehouse is a reliable provider), you can burn calories in private, but as we all know, outdoor exercise is more intense and burns calories faster than indoor exercise does. So, now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to start thinking about taking your exercise regime outdoors again. The local park is the perfect place for a full body work out, here’s now you can use the space to its full potential.

Testing Your Strength on Trees

Trees are nature’s jungle gyms. If you’re looking to build some strength in your upper body and core, find a sturdy tree with a low-hanging branch. Before you use it for anything, test that it can hold your body weight, and then use the branch for pull-ups. The best thing about using a branch is that the tree’s bark provides a great grip, and the natural give of the wood will make your first pull-up more manageable.

Uphill Struggle

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Where to Watch: Tour De France in Yorkshire

April 7th, 2014 at 6:45 PM
By Sports Media 101

This year, something different is coming to Yorkshire. Normally, away from the metropolitan towns and cities that make up the most of Yorkshire, there’s rolling hills, mores and farmland, but this July, the Yorkshire countryside will bear witness to one of the greatest sporting events the world has to offer: the Tour de France. Recently titled the best place to visit in Europe, this summer, the county will see a surge in visitors – all of whom are trying to get a good view of the cycling action. If you’re going to join in the fun, do you know where the best spots will be? Don’t worry – we’ve put together this short guide to ensure you get the best views.

shawdm / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Head to Harrogate

Harrogate, one of the most expensive and desirable areas in all of Yorkshire is going to be one of the hot spots for those looking to get a piece of the action at the Tour de France this year. On July 5th, there’ll be a sprint to the finish line across the Stray which is just by the side of the main city centre, and leaves you in the perfect position to get a slice of cake from world-famous tea shop Betty’s. If you fancy watching a more endurance-testing stretch of the race, then the hike up the A59 out of Harrogate will be worth a watch – though it means you’ll have to wait for your Betty’s.

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Sri Lanka Beats India in Cricket T20 Final

April 7th, 2014 at 12:54 PM
By Sports Media 101

Kumar Sangakkara has led Sri Lanka to victory in his final T20 international, carrying off the trophy with staggering ease. India were the favourites going into the tournament, but the Sri Lankan team outthought and outplayed them to triumph by six wickets with thirteen balls to spare. Despite taking only four wickets, the Sri Lankan line-up was unbeatable as they strolled to a soaring victory.

Ravages / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Stars of the Sri Lankan Show

Having scored only nineteen runs in the tournament, Sangakkara played supremely when it really mattered, unbeaten on fifty-two from thirty-five balls. Following his performance, the entire Sri Lankan team impulsively raced onto the field to embrace him. The premier star was aided at the close by several muscular blows from Thisera Perera, and had been set on course by the stoic performance of T20 veteran Mahela Jayawardene earlier in the game, who had caressed twenty-four from twenty-four balls.


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Javier Gómez and Briton Jodie Stimpson Victorious at ITU World Triathlon Series Opener

April 7th, 2014 at 9:44 AM
By Sports Media 101

Spain’s Javier Gómez has completed his undefeated run by winning his third race in Auckland at the International Triathlon Union World Series opener. The king of triathlons shares his reign of victory with Briton Jodie Stimpson, who triumphed in the women’s race.

Phillip Wong - / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Victory for Gómez

Gómez took the win from Britain’s Jonathan Brownlee, who was competing in his first race of the 2014 season. The Spaniard has enjoyed an undefeated run on the tough, hilly course over the past three years, achieving this year’s title in one hour fifty-four minutes and thirteen seconds.

The Spaniard, who took silver in the London 2012 Olympics, stated that “It was another great race here in New Zealand.” Speaking on the race conditions he said “I felt really good all the time. The water felt good. The bike was really hard; some of us worked pretty hard to keep the gap between the second group. During the run I tried many times to drop Jonathan – he was pretty strong – but on the last lap I had something left and I just gave everything and didn’t look back. It was a pretty good race.”

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NBC Sports Group and United States Olympic Committee Set for Best of U.S. Awards Show on April 7

April 3rd, 2014 at 1:10 PM
By Cody Dalga

NBC Sports Group and the United State Olympic Committee (USOC) will present an inaugural Best of U.S. Awards Show which will honor outstanding performances by the United States in both the 2014 Sochi Olympics as well as the Paralympic Games. 

TODAY's Willie Geist will be the show's host and former Olympic figure skaters Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski will cover the red carpet. The event is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 7 on NBCSN. 

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • Best Male/Female Olympian
  • Best Male/Female Paralympian
  • Team of Olympic/Paralympic Games
  • Moment of the Olympic/Paralympic Games
  • Fan of the Games
  • USG Building Dream award

A nominating council, formed of U.S. Olympic Committee, athlete and media representatives, selected the finalists in several categories, as well as the Moment of the Games, based on nominations from each National Governing Body. 

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