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Ohio State Vs. Penn State: Keys to Victory

October 25th, 2012 at 12:00 PM
By Justin Damron

Last weeks game versus Purdue left Buckeye Nation pondering over a multitude of scenarios, many of which were derived from the injury to Buckeye quarterback Braxton Miller. 

Is junior Kenny Guiton the player that would be able to step in for Braxton and get the job done in his absence, how long will Braxton Miller be out, can the Buckeyes offense survive without there heisman trophy candidate.

All of these questions plus many more were answered when Braxton went down in a game the Buckeyes were looking at the wrong side of e scoreboard, enter Kenny Guiton aka the real Kenny G. 

Not only were the Buckeyes losing the game, but the offense had looked stagnant for most of the game to that point. Similar to a small child over due on there vaccinations, Guiton was the proverbial shot in the arm.

'OSU Aug 30 (36)' photo (c) 2008, Flickr mjurn - license:

After throwing a few errant passes to start off, Kenny was able to settle down and lead the Buckeyes back. Throwing the football down the field with precision and great timing the buckeyes marched right down the field and scored the touchdown and two point conversion that gave the team and the fans a pulse.

Once the silenced crowd had been resuscitated, Guiton new what he had to do, and like a prize fighter knowing his opponent is wounded, the Buckeye signal caller went for the knockout blow, scoring the touchdown that would end the game in over time and inevitably be the margin of victory for the Buckeyes. 

In the week that has past since the injury to Braxton, he has past all necessary test and has resumed practicing, hoping to pick up his long shot heisman campaign he was on before being knocked out of the game. 

The first key to victory in this weeks game against the Nitany Lions is the quarterback play for the Buckeyes. Now that it is almost certain that Braxton Miller will start and play the upcoming game, how do the buckeyes coaching staff plan to get him in rhythm and keep him out of harms way, as much as they possibly can. 

This is where the rest of the offense comes into play, keeping the buckeyes quarterback healthy rest firmly on the shoulders of the offensive line. If the big guys up front can open the holes for Carlos Hyde and create clear passing lanes for Miller he can throw the ball and get into a rhythm. 

After the ball is in the arm is a whole other animal altogether, and this brings a key piece to the puzzle, all pass catchers must catch the football. If the ball is being caught that more than likely means that Braxton is delivering the football unscathed. 

Bringing the whole offense together as a functioning unit will be instrumental in not only winning the football game but also the development of the Buckeyes young offense.

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