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The Trust Factor: Oakland Raiders Edition

May 31st, 2017 at 2:35 PM
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In the 2016 season the Oakland (I’m going to take advantage of that city name while I still can) Raiders vaulted themselves out of a deep pit of despair and back into relevance, making the playoffs for the first time since their Super Bowl loss in 2003. The unfortunate injury to Derek Carr in the last month of the season prevented what looked like a potentially deep playoff run but all in all, Raiders fans had to be happy considering what the last decade plus has been for the silver and black.

The expectations are high for 2017 and that’s what makes it such a great time to look around and take stock of the key pieces for Oakland. How much should fans trust these guys after what we’ve seen thus far? I’m here to break it down with a full-blown 1-10 scale rating system. We’ll call this game The Trust Factorâ?¦if only Ludacris could host this like the Fear Factor reboot. Can we get him on the line? Oh *sighs*â?¦I’m being told we don’t have those type of connections at isportsweb. Regardless, before we get to the ratings, I want to lay down some ground rules.

First of all, a score of 10 will only be given out to Raiders who have earned the ultimate amount of trust. A 10 is the first person I’d call in a football emergency. Someone I know without a shadow of a doubt will get the job done. Like the Patriots would have a few 10′s and the others around the league are few and far between. Now, a 5 is someone who may be trustworthy enough to start but not at a championship level. A 5 is that relationship where the trust issues aren’t out in the open yet but they’re resting just underneath the surface and they’ll have to be fixedâ?¦otherwise there’s just not a long term future here. And finally, a 1 is someone who just plain can’t be trusted. There may be bright moments but this is the one that’s already lied to you and cheated on you before and there’s no way around it.

With that foundation in mind (and without Ludacris, still), I present to you, The Trust Factor: Oakland Raiders Edition.


QB, Derek Carr- 9

After the abysmal ending to last season, there is no questioning that Carr is the motor of this Oakland Raider team. As he goes, they go, and without him there is nothing. His arrival, along with a certain defender we’ll get to later, marked the beginning of the new age for Oakland and in the 2016 season we truly witnessed his potential to be the next great quarterback in the NFL. And aside from stellar play, Carr has displayed the level of character and leadership every team wants in their quarterback. So why a 9 and not a 10? First, because turnovers have been a slight issue and even though the Raiders showed some amazing ability to wiggle out of tough situations last season, that magic may not last forever and the turnovers may cost them games in the future. And second, because he hasn’t been able to gain any playoff experience yet and some of the veterans around the league have that edge on him. But he’ll get there. It’s safe to say he’s on his way to that 10. Like the relationship that’s off to a perfect start and you have that feeling it just might be “the one”. And yes, I do get butterflies when I talk about Derek Carr.

RB, Marshawn Lynch- 3

Beast Mode! Don’t let the low rating fool you, this addition has high potential for the Raiders. If Lynch can return to the form he showed during Seattle’s runs to the Super Bowl then he may just be the key ingredient to push Oakland over the top. Butâ?¦that is one BIG “if”. History tells us that running backs have a short shelf life in the NFL and we’re talking about a 31 year-old who’s entering his 10th NFL season. Coming off a year away from football, no less. On the bright side, Lynch seems highly motivated to play for his hometown team and honestly if there were someone I could see running over linebackers at this age, it would be Lynch. But father time is still undefeated.

WR, Amari Cooper- 8

The man who makes up one half of the “AC/DC” connection is a straight up monster on the football field and I have no other way to describe it. In addition to being one of the most complete receivers to come into the league in years, Cooper lacks the diva mentality that plagues so many of the game’s best pass catchers. You hardly ever hear him say a word, he just continues to work hard and find himself in the end zone on a regular basis. That reliability and subtle factor about his personality boost his score to quite a high level for a player only entering …

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