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Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr Preparing to See Serious Pressure from New York Jets Defense

September 3rd, 2014 at 11:05 AM
By Nicholas Gill

With the Oakland Raiders going with quarterback Derek Carr as the starting quarterback in the season opener, the rookie can expect to see plenty of blitzing from the New York Jets defense. Jets head coach Rex Ryan is known as one of the more aggressive defensive play callers in the league and will surely amp up the heat against a rookie signal caller. Carr knows Ryan's propensity to bring extra players and is preparing himself accordingly.

“He’s got a great blitz package,” Carr said of Rex Ryan. “He’s got, obviously, a lot of different looks that he’ll show. Me being a rookie, he’s probably going to want to show them all. I go in and expect, as much as I can, I expect everything. Then if something doesn’t happen, then I’ll be surprised. That’s how I have to prepare. I have to prepare for everything, even maybe for something he hasn’t shown but could show.”

One of the biggest knocks on Carr coming out of Fresno State was is inability to deal with pressure. Many draft pundits and scouts thought Carr had difficulty under duress. The stats back up that allegation as Carr completed only 30 percent of his passes under pressure during his senior year in college. He has not shown that deficiency much in the preseason, but during the regular season, the stakes increase and so does the pressure from opposing defenses. Carr is relying on any information outlet he has at his disposal to prepare for the Jets' pressure.

“Obviously I reach out to anybody who can help me,” Carr said. “I called my brother because he’s played them seven times. I called him and said, ‘Hey, let’s talk Jets. You were there, you’ve seen them.’ So we talked. I picked his brain, took notes and that was it. Now I went about my business for the rest of the week, picked [Matt] Schaub’s brain, picked the coaches’ brain, so I expect a lot.”

Carr is certainly well aware of the challenges of facing a defense as good and aggressive as the Jets. The offensive line will be tasked with the chore of keeping Carr upright and allowing him the time to make throws. As good as the Jets are at creating pressure with different blitz looks, they are decimated by injuries at cornerback. If Carr has time, he could take advantage of the depleted group.

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