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Oakland Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis Issues Statement on San Antonio Visit

July 29th, 2014 at 6:33 PM
By Nicholas Gill

The Oakland Raiders have been in limbo since their desire to build a new stadium in Oakland has gone nowhere and their lease ends at the end of the 2014 season. The team currently shares the Coliseum with the Oakland Athletics, who signed a 10 year lease to remain in the stadium in July. Raider's Owner Mark Davis is now being linked to talks with San Antonio about moving the team.


The San Antonio Express-News is reporting that Davis met with San Antonio officials about moving the team. The report cites the Alamodome as a potential and temporary home for the Raiders in San Antonio and could be ready by 2015. This is the memo published by the San Antonio Express-News from City Manager Sheryl Sculley to city council:

“I was asked to meet two weeks ago with the owner of the Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis, and members of his staff. Mr. Davis has expressed interest in a possible relocation of his NFL team to San Antonio and we are engaged in preliminary due diligence,” she wrote. “The agenda for this visit included a tour of the Alamodome and meetings with local business leaders.”

Davis has responded with a statement through the team twitter page of his reasoning for the San Antonio visit.

"I was in San Antonio to honor Cliff Branch on his induction into the PVILCA. Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros is a friend, and Henry suggested I take the opportunity to meet with some of the city officials while we were in town. I have nothing further to discuss on the topic."
This will be interesting to follow in the coming days and throughout the season. There are two possible scenarios at play here. The first being the obvious, that Davis is trying to move the team to San Antonio. The second being that Davis is posturing to put pressure on Oakland to approve a new stadium plan. He needs leverage to make the deal and getting involved in discussion with San Antonio to move the team is a way of gaining leverage in negotiations with Oakland.



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