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True Oakland Raiders Fans Only Page Blends Positivity, Support and Passion

October 9th, 2013 at 12:41 PM
By Nicholas Gill

Scott Poggenburg created the Facebook page: True Oakland Raiders Fans Only, as a forum to discuss the Oakland Raiders in a positive manner. With so much negativity and frustration from the fans at times, True Oakland Raiders Fans Only draws the most loyal and passionate silver and black supporters, like Scott.

“I created the page in November of 2010,” Poggenburg said. “I was chatting with other "fans" on the Oakland Raider Facebook page. They were tearing the team apart, nothing but negative comments. So I thought I would start my own page. Never in my life would I think that it would grow as large as it has. The only thing I ask the other admins is that they never change the profile picture. When I saw that, I knew that will always be the profile picture.”

Since the creation in 2010, the page has exploded. Presently, it has 18, 927 likes. That's a serious amount of true Oakland Raiders fans. It is not surprising though. The page caters to items the fans want to see. Scott has news items, humorous pictures, game updates, and anything else Raiders' fan could imagine. It is no surprise Scott is in tune with the RaiderNation, he has been a member for more than 40 years, since his Dad brought him aboard. 

Even though so many people like the page, it is not for everyone. Negative Raiders fans and "haters" need not apply. The motto of the site reads:

"This page is dedicated to all the TRUE OAKLAND RAIDER FANS out there..this page does not need haters or people that give up! Just the ones that Bleed Silver and Black. Not a place for negative comments, posters will be deleted and banned."

So far this season, the Raiders have exceeded expectations. Every week quarterback Terrelle Pryor looks like more of a long term answer. The defense has improved greatly from a season ago. Things are looking up in Oakland. With how the Raiders have started this season, even at 2-3, the improvement will bring more fans to join Scott's positive attitude and love for the Raiders. For the real Raiders fans, it's not a season or a game, its forever.

“I go into every season with high hopes, my head high and never, never think they are not going to the playoffs,”Poggenburg said. “Last year when I saw Pryor in action, I knew he was going to be the quarterback of the future. He shows what a lot of successful teams have gone to in a mobile quarterback. The GM [ Reggie McKenzie] came from a very successful organization. ’As I say "Win, Lose or Tie, Raiders til I die"’.






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