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Oakland Raiders: Greatest Uniforms in NFL History?

July 17th, 2013 at 2:14 PM
By Nicholas Gill

Dave Dameshek of created a bracket of the greatest uniforms in NFL history. Fans can vote for who they believe is worthy of the title. The Oakland Raiders have advanced in both brackets, current and throwback, into round four. 

'P9197759' photo (c) 2010, Julie, Dave & Family - license:

The Raiders silver and black colors are synonymous to the franchise. Dameshek seeded the Raiders number one in current uniforms and number three in the throwback bracket. Despite the franchise dating back to 1960, the Raiders have kept their uniforms similar for those decades. Currently, the Raiders are against the 11 seeded Baltimore Ravens in the current bracket. On the throwback side, the 1963 Raiders face their rival San Diego Chargers' powder blues, who are the number one seed.

The voting will continue throughout the month of July.  The brackets are split into NFC and AFC.

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