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Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie Talks 2013 NFL Draft

April 23rd, 2013 at 6:25 PM
By Nicholas Gill

With the 2013 NFL Draft only two days away, Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie addressed the media. Because he doesn't want to give the other teams any advantage as to what the Raiders want to do, he did not get into specifics. However, he did provide some insight about his philosophy come draft night.

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The Raiders currently hold the number three overall selection, but are considering trading down if the right opportunity presents itself. McKenzie has fielded phone calls from teams inquiring about trading for the pick and he will make the decision he feels is best for the team.

“It's whichever deal is going to help the Raiders the most and if it's staying there and taking the pick, we'll weigh that versus what's on the floor, what's being offered,” McKenzie said. “In some cases, the offer may be too good to pass up.”

With several needs along the defense and offensive line, McKenzie abides by the best players available draft philosophy. He will not worry about filling those needs individually. 

“The key is drafting the best player,” McKenzie said. “I don't think you can draft for need, especially in the first round. I think you draft the best player, try to fill that need down the line.”

The second year general manager wants to find a difference maker that helps the Raiders quickly. He has shown an affinity towards versatile players, but most importantly wants an impact player.

“I want to try and get someone here who can change the game,” McKenzie said. “That's a difference maker. No matter what position. If he can make a difference, that's the one you want. Instead of a solid, versatile player versus a difference-maker? You take the difference-maker.”







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