As it was with most positions, the New York Jets quarterbacks weren’t actually the major dissapointments in 2017 that many thought they would be. Sure, there were flaws and it’s why the Jets are currently selecting sixth in the upcoming draft, but there were also a lot of bright moments that came as a surprise to Jets fans.

New York Jets Quarterbacks End of Season Review

Josh McCown

Josh McCown, the 37-year-old journeyman, actually performed at a high level at some points of the season. McCown went 5-8 as a starter in 2017, completing 67 percent of his passes while posting a two:one touchdown to interception ratio. A look at the numbers will tell you that he was a serviceable quarterback last season. McCown’s problem, as it has been throughout his career, was his durability and interceptions at inopportune times. McCown’s season was cut short due to a hand injury and the raw emotion poured out at his press conference when he had to announce his season was over. Overall, McCown was a performed better than most people have thought. He was a leader in the locker room, a professional on the field and put some great throws on tape. Unfortunately, in the end, it just wasn’t enough to put the Jets in the position to make the playoffs.

Bryce Petty

Any Jets fans that wanted to see Bryce Petty got their opportunity when McCown when down with an injury. Hopefully, they enjoyed it because we will probably never have to watch him play again and for good reason. Petty lost all three games he played in, completing a pitiful 49 percent of his passes while passing for one touchdown and three interceptions. His numbers were exactly as bad as his play was. Often erratic and wild, his throws constantly missed receivers and he showed absolutely no potential as a starting quarterback in this league. The only possible positive out of those three games Petty started in is that we can now close the book on the conversation that Petty might be a starter in this league.

Christian Hackenberg

Seriously, how bad is Christian Hackenberg that he could not get reps over Bryce Petty? You have to imagine at this point that he couldn’t hit the side of a barn because for him to not get playing time while Petty’s throws continuously bounced in front of receivers is remarkable. If the coaching staff didn’t have the confidence to put him in the game last season, they never will. It might go down as one of the biggest waste of an early draft pick in recent memory. Hackenberg couldn’t play over someone who completed 49 percent of his passes!

The Future

Not to worry Jets fans, the future is bright. Gang Green selects sixth in the upcoming draft and will most likely pick a quarterback. It might not be Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, but the franchise savior is coming. The rebuild is in its final steps and the knight in shining armor will be here soon.

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