It’s the age-old question. One that gets asked every few years depending on the short success that the previous regime thought their new quarterback would have. However, this year, Jets fans might have a reason to be optimistic. It seems like the Jets quarterback problems have nicely lined up with a great crop of free agent and rookie quarterbacks.

How to Fix the New York Jets Quarterback Problem

The Draft

Not until the Scouting Combine happens and, honestly, not until a while after that, will teams really know which quarterback they like the most. That is why it is so impossible to try and guess which quarterback the Jets might select when they pick sixth overall in this year’s upcoming draft.

The prospects that they will decide between are as follows: Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, and Baker Mayfield.

In different mock drafts, these quarterbacks have fallen anywhere between first and about 15 overall. At this point, it is just impossible to try and predict which players would be available when the Jets are on the clock.

However, if New York does decide to go in this direction, it will set itself up for the future. Last year’s draft and roster purge before it made it younger and more prepared for the future.

New York drafted three or four potential starters last season and pairing them with the existing starters proved to be a good enough team to compete. With this year’s team selecting sixth overall and having money to work it, it is possible to see New York make some noise in the Big Apple.

The most important piece of that puzzle is finding steady play and leadership from the person lining up under center. This draft presents the best opportunity to do so. If New York goes in this direction and these players live up to their expectations, whichever one it drafts could finally solve the issue that has plagued this franchise for decades: Not having a star quarterback.

Free Agency

There is really only one viable candidate in this year’s free agency crop, former Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. For some reason, after three straight seasons with over 4000 yards and 25 touchdowns, the Redskins didn’t feel comfortable committing to Cousins long term.

The problem with Cousins is though his stats have been great, his play has been erratic at times and he doesn’t have any playoff wins to add to his resume. Any team that signs him will have to commit to him long-term and they’re concerns.

However, the same would be said about drafting a rookie quarterback. At least with Cousins, you are getting a player that has played professionally before. However, that also means you are able to watch on tape what he can’t do.

Lastly, signing Cousins would mean breaking the bank. There is no way he is signed for anything less than 20 million a year and the deal would likely peak at around the 25 million dollars a year range.

Bottom Line

Getting the right franchise quarterback is a risk and there are no guarantees, hence why the Jets have struggled with it for so long. It’s also expensive, with owners spending either money or giving up value. Whichever route the Jets pick has to be the correct one or everyone in the organization will be shown the door. This is the exact right opportunity to get your franchise savior, don’t mess it up.

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