This is the time of year where every person becomes an analyst and wants their favorite team to pick the player they think can revolutionize the franchise. This is also the time of year where analysts change their opinions of who teams will draft and perhaps no position is more volatile than the quarterbacks. It’s a crazy time for the NFL.

The Draft

There is already a great deal of speculation about whom the Jets will select sixth in the 2018 draft. Most people have them picking a quarterback, which is the correct decision for the franchise moving forward. However, there is a ton of debate over which quarterback is right for Gang Green.

Right now the debate is between Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. It seems like each analyst has a different thought of who will wind up in Green next season. However, the Jets have remained pretty quiet about who they want to select. This has led to Jets fans coming up with their own speculation.

However, here is the right thing for Jets fans to do: Sit tight and trust the front office to make the correct decision. Though the Jets have a horrible track record of picking quarterbacks, it seems like this front office is doing things differently. And importantly, correctly.

The Front Office

Last off-season, when almost everyone thought they were tanking, it turns out they were just trimming the fat. Now they have a ton of cap space while having a young core to build around. The future is very bright for this team.

The front office has also built a team from the draft last season. The Jets top two picks were both hits with Jamal Adams getting rookie of the year consideration. The receivers selected in the draft have potential as do the deeper selections. They also traded for Demario Davis and have also added a few more picks in this year’s draft.

The hardest thing for fans to do it to try not to become analysts themselves. They love their teams so much that they want nothing more than to be involved in the process. However, when it’s draft night, whichever name is called, Jets fans must embrace that player. They must trust the fact that the front office scouted each and every player and decided this was the future of the franchise.

There has been a ton of negativity surrounding this franchise and it seems like this team is a little different. The young players have set the culture and things are trending up.

However, there is one caveat. If the name called is not a quarterback, Jets fans have permission to bring out the pitchforks. Not selecting a quarterback in this draft would be an asinine decision. This is one of the deepest drafts for top quarterbacks and people are projecting these signal callers to change the future of franchises. Jets fans need hope right now, hope that the future is bright.

As a wise man once said, “Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free.”

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