Behind the leg of rookie kicker Jake Elliott, the once promising 2017 New York Giants, have fallen to a pathetic 0-3 start. The 61 yard field goal that lifted the Philadelphia Eagles to a 27-24 victory over Big Blue was the most recent, and possibly most fatal, blow the Giants and their fans have been dealt this year. Here are the Giants takeaways from the week three game against the Eagles.

Week Three New York Giants Takeaways

1) The 2017 New York Giants Are Not a Playoff Team

Since the NFL Playoffs expanded to 12 teams in the 1990’s only three teams have made the playoffs when starting 0-3. All three happened between 1992-1998, with the last one being the ’98 Buffalo Bills. That Bills team was led by clutch quarterback Doug Flutie. To that point, the veteran quarterback Flutie was mainly considered a backup quarterback at the NFL level. However, Flutie proved not only to be a NFL caliber quarterback, but to also one of the most electrifying players to ever put on shoulder pads.

Unfortunately for the Giants, neither Geno Smith nor Davis Webb is Doug Flutie. Either way, quarterback change wouldn’t turn this New York Giants team around. For the most part, Eli Manning has played to level expected from the two-time Super Bowl Champion. Yes, he has his down moments, but when he’s on, he’s still franchise level quarterback.

2) McAdoo Is On the Hot Seat

Coming into this season, the expectations for the New York Giants were high. The team had an excellent 2016 campaign, going 11-5 and having, arguably, the best defense in the league. Although the offensive line was always going to be an issue, the Giants front office added weapons to the offense to increase its firepower.

Before head coach Ben McAdoo took over the role of head coach of the New York Giants, he served as the offensive coordinator and was considered by many around the league to be an offensive guru. However, until the fourth quarter of the Eagles game, the 2017 Giants had only scored one touchdown through 11 quarters. Luckily for coach McAdoo, the Giants offense exploded for 24 points in the last quarter.

This offensive resurgence needs to continue in the coming weeks for coach McAdoo to get off the hot seat. If the Giants offense regresses back to its pitiful early start then coach McAdoo is an offensive guru head coach with an under performing record with a cringe-worthy offense. That doesn’t scream job security.

3) It’s Time to Look Towards 2018

Although only going into week four, as mentioned, playoff chances are slim to none. The window for this team to win is closing, and honestly, after this year, might be closed already. It might be time to start looking towards the future.

If the Giants are going to end up with a high draft pick, then they ought to think about the future of the New York Giants quarterback position. Eli Manning is going to be 37 in 2018 and we just spent a third round pick on Cal quarterback, Davis Webb.

With Eli getting up there in age, the Giants need to start listening to trade offers for him. Will there be any offers? Hard to say. But the Giants front office needs to come to terms with the possible reality that Eli Manning will not be a Giant in 2018. However, before spending a high draft pick on a quarterback, Webb should be given an opportunity. With playoff chances almost completely gone at this point, starting him sooner rather than later would be best for all parties involved.

Eli Manning wouldn’t be the only New York Giant I would put on the block. All-Pro cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who will be 32 in 2018, and All-Pro receiver Brandon Marshall, who will be 34 in 2018, should also go on the block. All three of these players still have something to give. But, their talents would be wasted on a 2018 New York Giants team that is looking like it might be in for a rebuilding year.

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