On Sunday the New England Patriots traveled to Jacksonville, Florida and squared off against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a rematch of last season’s AFC Championship Game. The Jaguars stopped multiple Patriot comeback attempts in the 31-20 victory. As usual, many fans and analysts freak out every time the Patriots lose an early regular season game. There are the usual bashing of players and coaches floating around Twitter that is always unnecessary. And as usual, I’m here to say the exact thing I say every time the Patriots lose a game: the New England Patriots will be fine. This system has worked for years, and things will be just fine in New England come season’s end.

We Have Been Here Before

To start off here is a list of notable losses during the first four weeks of the regular season by the Patriots since 2003.

  1. 2003: Buffalo Bills 31, Patriots 0
  2. 2003: Washington Redskins 20, Patriots 17
  3. 2006: Denver Broncos 17, Patriots 7
  4. 2011: Bills 34, Patriots 31
  5. 2012: Arizona Cardinals 20, Patriots 18
  6. 2012: Baltimore Ravens 31, Patriots 30
  7. 2014: Miami Dolphins 31, Patriots 20
  8. 2014: Kansas City Chiefs 41, Patriots 14
  9. 2017: Chiefs 42, Patriots 27
  10. 2017: Carolina Panthers 33, Patriots 30

Now here is a list of how those seasons ended for the Patriots.

  1. 2003: 14-2, Super Bowl XXXVIII Champions
  2. 2006: 12-4, AFC Championship Game Appearance
  3. 2011: 13-3, Super Bowl XLVI Appearance, AFC Champions
  4. 2012: 12-4, AFC Championship Game Appearance
  5. 2014: 12-4, Super Bowl XLIX Champions
  6. 2017: 13-3, Super Bowl LII Appearance, AFC Champions

In each of the years mentioned, the Patriots have not had fewer than 12 wins or have not at least made the AFC Championship Game. They made the Super Bowl in four of those seasons, winning two of them. The Patriots have proved time and time again that an early season loss will not stop them. As a result of steady leadership from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the Patriots have gone on to greater things after losses. They rarely have back to back losses. The experience of this team will guide them through turbulent times this season. Expect the Patriots to come out and play well against former assistant Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions next week.

The Monday Morning Quarterbacks Will Be Out In Full Force Tomorrow, Don’t Buy Into It

In today’s day and age, it’s impossible to ignore the talking sports heads on television. Whether it’s Shannon Sharpe, Colin Cowherd, Rob Parker, Skip Bayless, or Max Kellerman they all have one thing in common. Hot takes about the Patriots. They are all looking for an insane take that Patriots haters will eat up to gain viewership this week. There will be a criticism of players who shouldn’t be cut, coaches, and play calls from Sunday. My word of advice is to ignore the noise.

These analysts and more will be out in full effect tomorrow along with people on Twitter. They will all say that the Patriots suck, Tom Brady is overrated, and that the Patriots are doomed. People have been saying these things for years. Every time they say it, they are wrong. This will be the case again. They know just as much as anybody, nothing. The Patriots will be close to the vest again and as always, “We’re on to Detriot”.

Last Word on the Patriots

This was just another blip in the radar that is the 2018 Patriots season. The haters will be out in full force this week, and the squad will get back to work in preparation for the Lions. As a result, the Patriots will be fine. The team will overcome their obstacles and be ready for next week.

While the defensive issues and offensive line issues need to be resolved there is still nothing to worry about. In Bill We Trust, In Tom, We Trust, and We’re on to Detroit. I guarantee things will be fine in New England.

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