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 Johnny Manziel has not taken a snap in the NFL since 2015. Manziel spent 2014 and 2015 with the Cleveland Browns. Manziel finished with a 2-6 record as a starter along with a 57.0% completion percentage, 1,675 yards, seven touchdowns, and seven interceptions. Johnny Football has said he wants to return to the NFL, and would even play for free. Manziel has been working hard trying to find a way to land a spot on a 53 man roster. Manziel was asked recently if he would be interested in being Tom Brady‘s backup for the New England Patriots. He then told TMZ Sports, “I’ll go to New England in a heartbeat.” This has some wondering if Johnny Football could be a fit in New England.

What Went Wrong?

Johnny Manziel came out of Texas A&M as a star. He won the 2012 Heisman Trophy and then became a national celebrity. Next, Manziel was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns. Those expectations proved to be too much for Manziel. Johnny Football had a hard time adapting to life as a professional athlete. Manziel had spent many nights out in the clubs partying. He was then benched and cut by the Browns.

Why He Would Be A Fit

Good Morning Football’s Nate Burleson suggested that Johnny Manziel would be a fit for the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick has a history of taking players in with troubled pasts and making them work in the New England system. On ABC’s Good Morning America, Manziel claimed to have stopped drinking and cleaned up his act. Mazniel has shown maturity and seems to want to return to the game in any role. This sudden willingness to work will cause no issues and will fit right in the Patriots culture. If these changes are true then Manziel would do no harm to the culture in Foxborough.

Manziel posses elite athleticism for a quarterback. This is something that the Patriots have not really seen in any quarterback on their 53 man roster. Mazniel also possesses the potential to be very accurate with the football. He would also be able to set a realistic goal of beating out Brian Hoyer for the job as the backup. Manziel already beat out Hoyer once in Cleveland, and Mazniel would be able to stay focused on a single goal instead of having his head elsewhere. Manzel’s running ability would force a defense to be honest and account for him on the ground, opening up the opposing secondary.

Manziel would bring even more publicity for New England. People lined up for Tim Tebow, then they sure will for Johnny Football. Manziel would next increase ticket and merchandise sales for the Patriots. There is never a bad time to make money, and the Kraft’s have no issue with making a little more cash. Manziel would also play under a very affordable contract. Manziel would then be playing for basically free in terms of NFL salaries. There would be no major hit in terms of the salary cap.

He Will Be Back

Johnny Manziel will return to professional football at some point. As of now, he will be playing in a developmental league know as The Spring League. Then a good showing could propel Johnny Football to the NFL and if not he will likely show up in the Candian Football Leauge. Get ready, the Johnny Manziel hype train is coming.

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