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Legendary sports memorabilia that would be cool to own

August 8th, 2017 at 9:26 PM
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The collection of sports memorabilia is an ancient hobby that ranges from fascinating to downright bizarre. A normal collection consists of signed jerseys and shoes, while the creepier additions might include a worn jockstrap and chewed gum.

Yes, there have been many times sports legends have seen their musty, old jockstraps auction off for a pretty penny.


For the most part, the collection of sports memorabilia is all about connecting with history. Whether the item is an autographed home run ball from the World Series or a signed jersey from the Super Bowl MVPâ??that memorabilia lives on as a concrete reminder of history. It was present in the moment greatness unfolded.

Who wouldn’t want to own something like that?

We all would if we could afford it. The jockstrap Nolan Ryan wore in 1991, when he set an MLB pitching record for consecutive no-hitters, ended up being worth a $25,000. That’s more than a car for most people.

It doesn’t mean we don’t often dream about collecting historic items from our favorite sports stars. A simple touch, knowing history is rolling around in the palm of your hand, is the ultimate experience for a hardened sports fan.

Imagine a …

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