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MLB Trade Rumors: Cole Hamels Will Get Dealt; New York Yankees Should Avoid

September 2nd, 2014 at 9:37 PM
By Michael Moraitis

With Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro striking out at the Major League Baseball trade deadline, the team is certain to attempt a major unload of players during the offseason in order to start the rebuilding process.

The most attractive of those players is ace Cole Hamels, who currently sits on an 8-6 record with an ERA of 2.50. Consistently, Hamels has proven to be a top-notch pitcher for the Phillies and the interest in him from other teams around baseball will be abundant.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Hamels will be playing for another squad in 2015 as Amaro looks to make some big changes:

Cole Hamels will be wearing a different uniform next season. Amaro told Philadelphia reporters Monday that he planned on overhauling his roster this offseason, which is all well and good in a fantasy land where opposing teams agree to pay full freight for the overpaid boondoggles with which he has saddled the Phillies.

Another thing that makes Hamels so attractive, as Passan points out, is his contract, which has just four years and $96 million left on it, with an option for $14 million in 2019 when he's 35. That's a short-term bargain considering what some teams may have to pay in money and years to land top free agent arms like Max Scherzer, James Shields and Jon Lester.

The only problem is that any team acquiring Hamels will have to pay him that money and give up top prospects to get him. A team like the Chicago Cubs, who inquired about Hamels through the waiver process in August, may have the means to make such a deal and are no doubt a candidate to do so.

The New York Yankees should not go after such a blockbuster trade. As it stands now, the Yanks have some nice young players in their system worth holding onto, but by no means is there much depth there.

It would likely take most, if not all of the top prospects the organization has to come away with Hamels. For an aging roster like the Yanks', that simply can't happen. For once, the Yanks will resist making such a move as general manager Brian Cashman has in the past few years.

Not to mention, the Yanks have plenty of options for their starting rotation next season, hopefully with Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda staying healthy, as well as guys who have emerged from nowhere like Shane Greene, Brandon McCarthy and Chris Capuano. David Phelps even turned some heads as a starter before he went on the disabled list.

All of that and we still haven't mentioned CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova, both of whom could return next season from their respective injuries and make an impact. Just a few months ago Hamels seemed like a necessity, but the Yanks have been able to weather the storm of missing 80 percent of their rotation and have found some gems along the way.

New York would be much wiser to gear its resources towards adding some offense since that is the real reason this team is sinking in 2014. The Yanks' pitching staff should be fine even with all of its question marks because Cashman has set himself up with enough arms that only minor additions would be needed at most.

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  1.  Pat Broomell says:

    I say just dump Amaro , Sandberg, Bowa, and the test of the crew, not the pitchi.g coach though. Keep Hamel’s and have a head start at rebuilding. Those guys leave a losers aroma in the clubhouse. Bad karma. Let Howard try to make his own deal. Start by playing young guys consistently to give experience and confidence. Play them now. This team is done for this year. They are a lot better than they have shown. I have to blame the Amaro aroma.

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