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Ichiro Suzuki Frustrated with Media After New York Yankees Loss to Detroit Tigers

August 28th, 2014 at 7:00 PM
By Michael Moraitis

Ichiro Suzuki's failed catch in the ninth inning of the New York Yankees loss to the Detroit Tigers on Thursday afternoon led to a ton of questions about the last play of the game, and Suzuki seemed to want none of it.

The play occurred when Alex Avila lifted a fly ball to right field with two outs and Shawn Kelley on the mound. With runners on base, Suzuki needed to make the play in order to save the game, but misjudged the ball and allowed it to hit the wall for a walk-off win for the Tigers.

A highlight of the play can be seen below:

Naturally, after the game Ichiro was asked plenty of questions about it and Brendan Kuty of has some of his responses, which indicate a frustrated man:

"Obviously it's a do-or-die play," he said. "So I just went to where I thought the ball was going to be."

Ichiro was asked to clarify what that meant. The future Hall of Famer wasn't interested in explaining.

"I think you can watch the replay and see what happened," he said.

After that, Ichiro physically slapped his leg before responding to another question about the play, also per Kuty:

Finally, he was asked whether he was able to see the ball off the bat or if he lost it. That's when Ichiro slapped his leg and offered a terse, "No."

It has been a difficult season for Suzuki in 2014 and this game certainly didn't help. He has been reduced to a platoon player with the Yankees this season and that has to make a guy like Suzuki, who has been an everyday player his entire career, unhappy.

Being blamed for the loss on Friday isn't helping Ichiro like New York any better, even though in reality the Yankees offense was to blame yet again for not producing runs while the Yankee pitcher, Hiroki Kuroda, threw a gem.

If there is a 2015 for Ichiro, it's safe to say it won't be in pinstripes.

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