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Robinson Cano Talks About Leaving New York Yankees for Seattle Mariners

August 22nd, 2014 at 9:49 AM
By Michael Moraitis

With October baseball rapidly approaching, Robinson Cano still doesn't regret leaving the sputtering New York Yankees for the Seattle Mariners.

And why would he? After all, the Mariners gave him more money and are now in the hunt for a playoff spot as they sit just a half game back of the Detroit Tigers for the second wild card.

Meanwhile the Yankees, who have gotten almost no production out of second base this season, are struggling to keep up and look like a team bound for an early offseason.

Cano talked about leaving the Yankees on Thursday, saying he didn't regret the move, per Mike Mazzeo of

“I don’t have any regrets about what I did,” Cano said Thursday night at his Roc Nation charity basketball game at Barclays Center. “I made my decision.”

Cano offered his take on why the Yankees aren't playing that good in 2014, but he did leave a glimmer of hope for his former club:

“I mean, you gotta understand that some of their guys are getting hurt, and it just means they’re not the best,” Cano said.

“I don’t count them out,” he said. “They’ve got a good team.”

Cano was also asked if the Yanks missed his bat, to which he replied he didn't know and that we should ask the Yankees. However, Cano knows the Yanks miss his bat in their inept offense and that he could make it better with the addition of his bat alone.

Despite a slight drop in his home run production, Cano still stands as an elite second baseman in the sport. He's compiled 11 homers and 69 RBI, but his .329 average is tops in the American League and second in baseball.

On the flip side, the Yanks don't have any regular player at or above .300 and sorely miss Cano's consistent stick in the middle of their order.

Even with that being said, the early part of Cano's deal will likely pay dividends with the 31-year-old still being in his prime. As time moves along and Cano gets into his late-30's, it's then that we'll start to see why the Yanks didn't want to sign him until his early 40's.

If that decline happens and Cano turns out to be an over-paid, over-the-hill player like Alex Rodriguez has become at the end of his deal, the Yankees will have made the right move in the long run.

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