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Yankee Stadium Has Worst Beer in Major League Baseball According to Washington Post

August 15th, 2014 at 3:42 AM
By Mike Warsaw

According to the Washington Post, Yankee Stadium has the worst beer in Major League Baseball. In a comparison of all 30 teams in the Majors, the Seattle Mariners were ranked first and the Yankees last. The rankings were based on many variables including, locality, uniqueness and quality of the beer served at each stadium.

The main wrap on the Yankees was it's lack of variety. Most of the Stadium's beer list consists of Budweiser and Coors products and has no local beer choices. In comparison, 70 percent of the Mariners beers are from craft breweries and 20 percent are from Washington State.

The Cincinnati Reds were ranked first in the National League and second overall. The Reds increased their craft beer selection in 2011 and saw their beer sales rise 67 percent in the last three years. The Reds craft beer selection increased from 42 to more than 130 — the most in Major League Baseball. The Reds have seen there profit increase 363 percent, during that time period.

To be fair, the rankings were mostly based on variety and craft beer selection. Most fans don't complain when they can get a cold Bud or a Coors Light. Yankee fans can always get a cold one and the beer is always flowing in the Bronx. This is more about selection and variety as opposed to quantity, which is never a problem at the Stadium.

"It's not the same people that are drinking Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light," said Don Dierig, district manager for Delaware North Sports Service at Great American Ball Park. "It's more of a younger demographic, and that's what the younger demographic is looking for — things that aren't necessarily what they saw their parents drinking growing up, but more what's popular in the bars and restaurants they hang out in."

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