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New York Yankees Newly Acquired Players are Getting Used to Life in the Big City

August 14th, 2014 at 8:26 PM
By Mike Warsaw

According to Jean King-Schreifels of, the New York Yankees newly acquired players are still settling in and adjusting to life in New York. Brandon McCarthy, Chase Headley and Stephen Drew told King-Schriefels, that it has been an exciting transition, since coming to New York.

According to King-Schreifels, Stephen Drew wants a backyard for his kids to play in. Chase Headley is looking for open space and a quiet environment and Brandon McCarthy is looking for a quick commute. As the new players settle in to life as a Yankee, it can take a couple of months until the players find stability.

Chase Headley was living in a Times Square hotel, with his wife and 3-year-old son, when he first was traded to the Yankees. "I'd like to get a little bit outside the city," Headley said. "Being right in the tourist center of the world is not what I am… I'm not a big city person.

Headley, a native of Fountain Colorado, had spent his entire Major League career on the west coast playing for the Padres, but he is taking life in New York, in stride. "I'd like to get a little bit outside the city," Headley said. "With my wife and 3-year-old son, I think they would be more comfortable. That's the goal, but we'll try to line up some places. It's different, but it's exciting, too. There's nothing like it."

Brandon McCarthy who trekked from Arizona to New York has found the transition to seamless. "It's been smooth. Most of it has just been life stuff, just dealing with the city," McCarthy said. "It's a different pace of life, New York City. I don't compare it to anywhere else. That's just it's own universe."

Stephen Drew, who was acquired at the Trade Deadline, is still getting used to life in New York City. "I haven't gotten settled," Drew told King-Schreifels. "To be honest we're still trying to find a place. It's definitely an adjustment, trying to get my kids settled and everything else."

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