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New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez Asked by TMZ What was Greatest Thing He Ever Bought (Video)

August 13th, 2014 at 1:59 PM
By Douglas Rush

While New York Yankees suspended third basemen Alex Rodriguez awaits to see what happens from the fallout of Biogenesis and if he will need to speak with federal authorities over his possible involvement with the now defunct clinic, he's still being chased around by people looking to ask him questions.

On Tuesday, an unknown member of the TMZ Sports film crew caught up with A-Rod down in Miami to ask him about his large contracts he's signed over the years and asked him what he has spent his money on.

The first question was what was the dumbest thing he ever spent his money on, in which he said he'd have to get back to him. He then was asked by the unknown member of TMZ what was the best thing he had ever spent his money on, in which, the 39-year-old said something for his daughters.

When further asked if it was something lavish or extravagant, A-Rod then said no, it was something more simple like a bicycle or a teddy bear. He kept getting asked if he spent his money on something crazy, but by that time, A-Rod (along with girlfriend and former WWE diva Torrie Wilson) was simply trying to get to his car and wanted nothing more to do with the impromptu interview with TMZ.

While most people try to attack A-Rod's character for some of the mistakes he's made in the past, people have to remember that in the end, he's still a father to two daughters and does love and care for them greatly and his answer about what he's spent his money in was a good choice.


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