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Albert Pujols Trolls Mike Napoli After Angels Beat Red Sox in 19 Innings (Video)

August 10th, 2014 at 9:36 AM
By Michael Moraitis

This one will give New York Yankees fans a reason to smile on Sunday.

The Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox were embroiled in a 19-inning game on Saturday night when Albert Pujols finally ended it with a walk-off home run to give LA a 5-4 win.

But Pujols wasn't done there. While Red Sox manager John Farrell made a challenge for fan interference on the play, Pujols had some… well a lot of fun with Napoli at first base:

Not sure if there was anything going on between the two during the game, but Pujols looked to be having an unusual amount of fun, although it isn't known for certain. What is for certain is that Napoli is not happy with the situation and would try to clock Pujols if they were just a couple of old men in a recreational softball league.

In case you forgot, Napoli did his own share of trash talking earlier in the season when he was overheard calling Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka an idiot on national television. Of course it created a firestorm of different opinions on the matter.

Granted, Napoli's diss wasn't supposed to be for public consumption. Nevertheless, it was heard by millions of Yankees fans and baseball fans alike, making it hard to listen to as it added insult to injury after Napoli's walk-off homer.

Whatever side of the fence you're on, a Red Sox player got shown up in a funny and very outwardly way, much like any Yankee detractor thought when Napoli called Tanaka an idiot.

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