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Kate Upton Says New York Yankees Wouldn’t Allow Her to Wear Detroit Tigers Gear

August 9th, 2014 at 7:41 PM
By Michael Moraitis

When you're a New York Yankees fan, there are just some things the team doesn't allow you to do and supermodel Kate Upton found that out first-hand.

The beautiful blonde was recently a guest host on Live! with Kelly and Michael and spilled the beans about her favorite club not allowing her to wear the gear of her boyfriend Justin Verlander's team, the Detroit Tigers.

Upton says it in the video below, which can be found at the 2:35-mark of the clip:

Here's the direct quote from Upton in case you don't want to see it for yourself:

“They specifically told me, the Yankees told me, they’re like, ‘You’re not allowed to wear a Tigers hat,'" Upton told Strahan.  "'You’re not allowed to wear any Tigers gear.’ It’s like a bad breakup.”

During the game, Verlander openly interacted with his girlfriend by giving Upton a ball as she sat above the Tigers' dugout:

The Yankees haven't responded to Upton's comments, so it remains to be seen if Upton's version of events can be verified. Chances are this isn't something the Bronx Bombers will touch.

I'm not sure what kind of hold the "Evil Empire" has on Upton for her to listen to them. After all, she doesn't need free tickets and makes more than enough money to buy a seat anywhere in the stadium.

Regardless, Upton definitely scores points for loyalty to the Yankees in this instance since she actually listened.

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