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New York Yankees Reliever Dellin Betances Clocked at 101 MPH

August 3rd, 2014 at 8:40 PM
By Mike Warsaw

Playing for the Oakland Athletics, Yoenis Cespedes new that New York Yankees reliever, Dellin Betances threw hard, he just didn't know it was that hard. With Thursdays' Trade Deadline deal, Cespedes will see Betances much more often, as he joins the AL East. Betances was lighting up the radar guns as he was clocked at 101 MPH on Saturday at Fenway Park in Boston. Cespedes who came over from Cuba to play in the majors was impressed with Betances. "I've only faced one pitcher like that who could throw 100 mph, and that was Aroldis Chapman,' Cespedes said.

Betances is enjoying an impressive rookie campaign coming out of the bullpen for the Yankees, this season. Betances who wasn't even guaranteed a roster spot going into Spring Training, has enjoyed a successful season that has been highlighted my him being named to the 2014 American League All-Star Team. Betances has been dominating this season and has thrown hard all year. Cespedes who faced Betances earlier in the season has noticed a difference in Betances' velocity. "I faced Betances once earlier in the year. He wasn't at that kind of velocity," Cespedes said.

Betances who struck out Mike Napoli in the 8th inning of Saturdays' game topped out at 101 mph. He was also clocked over 100 mph, twice, during the at-bat to Napoli. "I feel blessed to be able to do that, but I was happy that I was able to get him out," Betances said. "He's a tough at-bat every time. And that situation is important to get the leadoff guy out."

Betances and Cepedes definitely agree that the Yankees reliever has been throwing harder and harder as the season progresses. "There's days that the ball feels like it's coming out better," Betances said. " Today was one of those days."  

Manager Joe Girardi was impressed with the performance, but said that he wanted to check the Yankees radar gun results, first. "It was kind of high," Girardi said. "We've seen him hit 98, 99 with us, too. "He had three days off and, and probably felt pretty good today." 


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