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Martin Prado Concerned About Playing in New York with Yankees After Trade

August 2nd, 2014 at 1:30 PM
By Michael Moraitis

Playing in New York is unlike anything most players have ever experienced before, and Martin Prado certainly knows that.

Prado was dealt to the New York Yankees at the Major League Baseball trade deadline in a trade that netted the Arizona Diamondbacks power-hitting prospect Peter O'Brien.

While he wasn't shocked that he was traded, Prado was apparently shocked that it was the Yankees who acquired him, and he was concerned about playing in New York right off the bat because of his history playing with the Atlanta Braves against the Mets, per Wallace Matthews of

"I was always like, 'Oh, man,' " he said. "It’s crowded, I didn’t like the crowded stuff, I was like, 'I don’t like the city.' "

Prado did admit that he grew to like the city a bit more once he brought his family along on the road trips to New York, but it still took a few friendly calls from friends who gave his reassurances that everything would be fine for Prado to feel a bit better:

"There’s a few guys who called me, let me know it was going to be fine, because I was a little concerned," he said.

Former Braves catcher and teammate of Prado's, Brian McCann, was one of the guys who called Prado up to prepare him for what McCann called, "a new, new, new, new beyond experience." While McCann is giving advice, the Yanks' backstop is still getting used to the Big Apple himself.

Things won't get any easier for Prado once he hits the field. The 30-year-old is set to play in right field for the Yankees, which is a position he has played just two innings at in his career before Friday night.

He does have experience playing left field, so the idea of playing beyond the infield isn't totally foreign to Prado. Despite that, it remains to be seen how comfortable and effective Prado will be.

Whatever his reservations are about New York, Prado must forget them quickly and focus on playing baseball. If he gets hung up on the media and the pressure of playing in the big city, his time here will be over before it starts.

Prado isn't just a two-month rental, though. He will be here through the 2016 season barring trade and will have plenty of time to assimilate in his new surroundings, although he'd be best served not to take too long in that process or else it could be a rough trip.

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