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MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Looking for Rentals at Deadline

July 31st, 2014 at 8:53 AM
By Michael Moraitis

While the New York Yankees do have their ears open for any potential blockbuster deal, it looks as though general manager Brian Cashman is sticking to trades for smaller, rental types in order to bolster his roster.

That's the latest from Andrew Marchand of

The Yankees want to upgrade their talent, but they would prefer a rental compared to taking on money into next year and beyond, a baseball official with knowledge of their thinking told ESPN New York.

Marchand notes that the Yankees won't be asking the Red Sox for Jon Lester, and that Cashman won't put together that blockbuster package that could land him Cole Hamels or David Price.

Instead, it'll be another Brandon McCarthy or Chase Headley type of addition that doesn't cost much now or in the future. Cashman certainly isn't willing to give up top prospects in a deal unless it's for a star playerbut even then he may not mortgage the future.

Cashman has been good at not taking chances on expensive, risky players. He has avoided guys like John Danks and Cliff Lee, whose shady past with injuries and enormous salary simply isn't worth the money, let alone the prospects as well.

Saving all of this money will have huge dividends, maybe not now but in the future. The 2015 free-agent class has some really interesting pitchers on it that the Yanks will undoubtedly target.

Frontline starters like James Shields, Max Scherzer and Lester will all be available on the open market and the Yankees will be players for them. There's no sense in the Yanks tying up their hands now by going into desperation mode and taking on bad contracts just for a quick fix.

In fact, most of the options the Yanks have looked at can't even be considered a quick fix because their numbers aren't that good. At best, you have to wish on a star that guys like Danks and Lee can recover from their respective troubles and be anywhere near as good as their contracts would entail.

At the end of the day, the Yankees will do very little, if anything at all. Expect another middle-of-the-road pickup or two that acts more as a Band-Aid than a long-term solution, with the Yanks also keeping their eye on waiver deals after July 31.

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