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Martin Prado Reacts After Trade to New York Yankees at MLB Trade Deadline

July 31st, 2014 at 8:34 PM
By Michael Moraitis

Martin Prado is one of the newest members of the New York Yankees and he has now spoken about the deal that sent him from Arizona to the Bronx.

First, Prado explains where he was when he found out he had been dealt, per Bryan Hoch of

“I was getting a haircut, and I saw a missed call, and I called back, and it was [Arizona GM Kevin Towers] just letting me know I got traded to the Yankees. I wasn’t surprised. There’s a lot of trade rumors and stuff, but i wasn’t paying attention to that. And it finally happened, and I think it’s just hard to believe how quick I got traded from the Braves and now I got traded again, but that happens. This is a sport where it’s a business, and you never know where you’re going to be next year or the next day.”

“There’s way harder things out there in life than being traded to another team."

That's quite the realistic way to look at things.

Next comes Prado's feelings on playing the outfield, which general manager Brian Cashman has already said will happen:

“It happened to me in the past. I played outfield. … I don’t think there’s something that surprised me. Whatever they got me to play, whatever they want me to play, I have to be there, and I’m going to be there for my teammates.”

Prado has played the majority of his career in the infield, at both second and third base. On top of that, he does have experience playing left field, but the Yanks will look to put him in right where he has played just two innings in his career.

The 30-year-old also discussed what it was like being traded to the Yankees and if he had talked to anyone from the team yet:

“I think everybody dreams to play for the Yankees. And I never expected that in my career.”

“The only call I had was Brian McCann. I played with him in Atlanta. We chatted for a little bit.”

McCann and Prado were teammates with the Atlanta Braves a few years ago, so Prado already has some connections to this team. He also played with starter Brandon McCarthy in the desert.

Finally, here's what Prado had to say about playing in a pennant race:

“I’m just looking forward to trying to find myself in a good position to play baseball. I felt like I’ve been up and down all this year, so now in a new place, we’ll see how things are going to go.”

All in all, Prado said all of the right things and seems like a team player that is willing to do whatever it takes to win, including playing out of position in right.

I'm sure he's just happy to be out of the losing Diamondbacks organization, and now has a chance to compete in New York.

All quotes used in this article were courtesy of Bryan Hoch of



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