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Rutgers, Maryland and Penn State Could Play More Games at Yankee Stadium

July 30th, 2014 at 9:58 AM
By Michael Moraitis

Yankee Stadium has seen plenty of outside events, from football games to concerts to soccer matches. The NCAA's Big Ten may add to that history by having three of its teams play their football games in the place the New York Yankees call home.

Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman is throwing around the idea of having Penn State, Maryland and Rutgers play games at Yankee Stadium, hoping to make it stick. The reason behind such a push is because neutral site games tend to bring in extra money, thus it is an intriguing idea for the Big Ten.

Here is what Silverman had to say, per Jeremy Fowler of CBS Sports:

"Like with Yankee Stadium — would there be a case where Rutgers or Penn State or Maryland, would they want to move a game to an iconic stadium like that?" Silverman said. "You could bring in, for Rutgers, probably another 10 to 15,000 people there. Is that a game that makes sense to move there? Probably."

Not sure if that math is correct, as Yankee Stadium only holds about 2,000 more people than Rutgers' current home stadium, but I digress.

Rutgers is already set to take on Army at the stadium in 2015 and has played previous games in the Bronx, however the idea is to get Penn State and Maryland involved as well. This would help expand the Big Ten's market to New York, a market just waiting to be had for college football.

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany doesn't seem to be moving in this direction, per Dan Duggan of

"If those are local games for Maryland and Rutgers, it will be their call as to where they're played," Delany said. "Under our rules the home team could do that, if the visiting team was willing to do that. …I just came from a meeting with the athletic directors. We were talking a lot about schedules, but that didn't come up."

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood seemed to have mixed feelings about it:

"I think there could be a place for it," Rutgers coach Kyle Flood said. "I think our home field advantage in Piscataway is critical. As you look at the potential for those types of games, you don't ever want to do a game like that and lose a home field advantage. So, if you can do that game and keep a home field advantage, I think there's certainly potential to do it."

A marquee matchup such as Rutgers versus Penn Stats is unlikely to be setup because of each program's desire to keep its real home games, so expect these squads to square-off against other outside opponents.

This is an idea that is in its infancy and won't come to fruition anytime soon. If the Big Ten commissioner doesn't sound too excited about the idea, there won't be enough push to make this happen in the near future.


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