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MLB Trade Rumors: Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki Would Be Happy to Get Traded to New York Yankees

July 29th, 2014 at 12:13 AM
By Douglas Rush

The speculation on Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and the New York Yankees had gone from hot to scorching over the last 48 hours after his recent trip to Yankee Stadium.

By now, everyone knows of Tulowitzki's visit to Yankee Stadium this past weekend to see the Yankees play the Toronto Blue Jays and while many see that as Tulowitzki sending a message to the Rockies that he wants out of Colorado, the shortstop said that he was only there to watch and witness his idol, Derek Jeter at least one last time on the field.

But that certainly hasn't stopped people from wondering if Tulowitzki will get his wish and be dealt to the Bronx; whether it be this summer or during the winter and after the 2014 season when Jeter has officially retired from baseball and the Yankees have a vacancy at shortstop. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports and WFAN reported that people around Tulowitzki told him that Tulowitzki would love the idea of replacing Jeter as the Yankees shortstop and would welcome a trade to New York.

"It is unrelated to his day trip, but those close to the shortstop say they believe that if Tulo is to be traded from the Rockies — a team he loves in a city he loves — the Yankees happened to be one of only a handful of teams he'd be happy to join. Friends of Tulowitzki say that while he hasn't necessarily presented a list of pre-approved teams for trade, he does indeed love the history and winning tradition of the Yankees, that he'd love the idea of replacing his idol Derek Jeter, and that he'd happily look past the fact that his beloved No. 2 is taken (Jeter's number will be retired with him after this year) to accept a trade to the Bronx."
On Monday, there was talk about the New York Mets trying to prepare an offer to the Rockies for Tulowitzki that would center around pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard, but Colorado apparently said that it would take "an offer of the century" in order to pry their All Star shortstop out of Colorado.
One thing that has yet to happen is a sit down between Tulowitzki, general manager Dan O'Dowd and owner Dick Monfort; whom has a very good relationship with his shortstop and could eventually tell Colorado management of his desires to be dealt and possibly, to be dealt to the Yankees, as he sees taking over for his idol Jeter as "the perfect story" for his career.
Even though Tulowitzki does not possess a no-trade clause (he'll earn one next season if he is still on the Rockies with 10-5 rights), the relationship between Monfort and Tulowitzki is said to be very close that Monfort wouldn't approve a trade to a team he wouldn't want to play for unless asking him first. 
While it's not clear how Tulowitzki feels about the Mets or any other team potentially interested in him, it's pretty clear how he feels about playing for the Yankees and playing in the same position that his idol did for almost 20 years.

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