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Sleeping Yankees Fan Explains to Matt Lauer Decision on Ridiculous Lawsuit Against ESPN, Announcers, Yankees

July 28th, 2014 at 9:52 AM
By Douglas Rush

You all remember the fan who decided to fall asleep in the game back in April between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox and was publicly broadcasted on ESPN since the game was on Sunday Night Baseball?

That fan, Andrew Rector, apparently thought he was being publicly mocked and ridiculed to the point where he filed a $10 million lawsuit against ESPN, the New York Yankees and the ESPN announcers during the game.

The lawsuit itself has been publicly criticized as many consider Rector simply looking for publicity and nothing more. Apparently he canceled his season tickets with the Yankees too as a result of the events back in April, but really, so what? It's not a birthright to have season tickets to the Yankees, it's a privilege. But Rector simply doesn't get that.

Over the weekend while speaking to Matt Lauer of NBC's The Today Show, Rector decided to explain why he went through with the ridiculous lawsuit in the first place.

“Put yourself in my shoes,” Andrew Rector told Matt Lauer. “How would you feel if you were broadcast on TV and all over the media?”

Why do we think Rector's lawsuit is simply a cry for attention and a publicity stunt? He, who complained about being put on national TV, again went on national TV in front of a larger audience to whine and complain.

If he any common sense, Rector will drop this silly lawsuit and simply move on with his life and enjoy his 15 seconds of fame and maybe next time if he chooses to go to a baseball game or anywhere else public, he might drink a cup of coffee beforehand.

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