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Should New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter Be 1st Unanimous Hall of Famer?

July 26th, 2014 at 4:59 PM
By Michael Moraitis

There is no doubt New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but let the debate begin over if he deserves a unanimous vote.

Never before in the history of Major League Baseball has a player been voted into Cooperstown without a single dissenter. If there was ever a guy to break that record, it would be Jeter.

Aside from his incredible accomplishments as a player with five World Series rings and over 3,400 hits, Jeter has proven time and time again to be a great leader with all the intangibles, including his ability to remain a model citizen who stays out of trouble.

Because of all this, Jeter is about as respected an individual as the game has ever seen, both by fans and baseball people alike.

There couldn't be a better candidate for the honor and Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver agrees in a piece written by Marty Noble on

"I've thought about it; Jeter should be the one," Seaver said. "What can you say he hasn't done? He has every credential imaginable — great player, good citizen. He plays the game properly, respects the game and his predecessors. He's done it in the big city, for one team that wears a uniform of greatness. He has no marks against him. He has the numbers. And he wins.

"He's a class act all the way. A pro's pro, a gentleman's gentleman. If you're starting a franchise, who do want as your first pick? I'll take Jeter, thank you. And I'm sure I wouldn't get too many arguments."

Seaver would know a thing or two about being a no-brainer hall of Famer. The former Baltimore Orioles star pitcher came about as close as can be to a unanimous entrant as he received 98.84 percent of the vote. At worst, Jeter will be sniffing that mark when it's his time to be inducted.

The problem for Jeter hitting this goal is history. There have been several great players and upstanding citizens who have been first-ballot guys, but none of them have been a 100-percent vote recipient. A guy like Greg Maddux comes to mind when discussing players who deserved such overwhelming support.

Does Jeter deserve it? Absolutely.

Will he actually get the 100 percent vote that no other player has ever gotten? Unless there is some drastic change in the way things are done in Hall of Fame voting, Jeter will be just like everyone else in Cooperstown, despite a truly extraordinary career.

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