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Yankees GM Brian Cashman Working on ‘Larger Type’ Trades, May Involve Prospects

July 23rd, 2014 at 8:18 AM
By Michael Moraitis

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman isn't staying put with the moves he's already made and is instead making it known that he is working on bigger deals to make an impact, and will trade the organization's prospects to get it done.

Cash spoke to Jorge Castillo of The Star-Ledger about his desire to keep improving the roster:

“I have more work to do,” Cashman said. “I’m going to still continue to try to improve on what we have. I feel like I’ve got more work to do.”

Not only did the Yanks' GM express his desire to make more trades, but he also made note of the fact that the team is ready to deal it's young and widely desired young players to get a trade done:

“We’ve got high-end stuff, without a doubt, players that other teams like,” said Cashman, who was able to trade for slugger Alfonso Soriano last July. “And those players would be available, or will be available, in the right circumstances. These are the deals that I can present to you that we were able to conclude, but we’re talking much larger type deals, clearly much smaller, incremental upgrades.”

That quote may make some Yankees fans nervous. The high-end stuff Cashman is talking about is in regard to the franchise's top prospects.

There has been an overwhelming amount of support in favor of keeping the young players within the organization and it may be the case that Cashman will move them if the deal is right.

The only kind of deal that will please Yankees fans if it means giving up some of their best young talent would be for a major bat or, at worst, an impact starter. It remains to be seen if Cashman can land either, although it looks as though there are some big possibilities in the trade market that he's working on.

Some top prospects in the Yanks' organization are pitcher Luis Severino, as well as second baseman Rob Refsnyder, outfielder Aaron Judge and catcher Gary Sanchez, who is still somewhat highly-touted after various issues in recent years from a lack of offensive numbers and disciplinary issues.

Fans have cooled a bit on Sanchez and he is much more tradeable in their eyes, however Severino is basically untouchable while Judge and Refsnyder have also become darlings.

Regardless of who Cashman plans on trading, it appears the small moves the Yankees have made aren't the end of it and they are also looking to make big improvements that may end up costing some of the team's future.


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