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MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Won’t Take Risk on Troy Tulowitzki

July 23rd, 2014 at 3:20 PM
By Michael Moraitis

If you ask the New York Yankees Universe who it would like to replace Derek Jeter at shortstop next season, the name that almost always comes up is Colorado Rockies veteran, Troy Tulowitzki.

It would seem like a perfect fit for New York, as Tulowitzki not only admired Jeter when he was growing up, but he would also love to take over for The Captain after he retires.

The problem is Tulowitzki's injuries, which have become more and more plentiful in recent years. So plentiful that he's missed 282 games from 2008-13 with only one season over 130 gamesand his latest stint on the disabled list started on Tuesday when he was diagnosed with a thigh injury after pulling up lame while running to first base.

On the bright side, Tulowitzki is only 29 and is having a sensational season in 2014, with 21 homers and 52 RBI to go along with .340 average. Despite that, the Yanks might be cooling on the idea of Tulowitzki being Jeter's heir apparent.

According to Jon Harper of the New York Daily News, an unnamed general manager explained why general manager Brian Cashman—or any GM for that mattermay not be too keen on the idea of getting Tulo:

"But if you’re on the other side, you can’t justify taking on that contract AND emptying the farm system for a shortstop with a history of leg injuries. Because you know as he heads into his 30s those leg injuries are likely to happen more often."

Tulo still has six years and $118 million left on his deal, so naturally the risk is there that his leg injuries will happen more often as he gets older. Therein lies the problem for any team looking to grab him, especially one like the Yankees that already have a slew of injured veterans that are overpaid and over-the-hill.

Speaking specifically about the Yankees, the GM also says he doubts Cashman has enough prospects to make the deal, but even if he did he likely wouldn't trade them all for such a risky, expensive proposition:

"They probably wouldn’t have enough (in prospects) to satisfy the Rockies. And even if they did, (Brian Cashman) is not giving up everything when there is so much risk involved."

At this point, the only way the Yanks would consider trading for Tulowitzki is if picking up all of his contract would greatly lower the price in prospects. Picking up a guy like Tulowitzki will inevitably cost the Yanks young players, but it wouldn't hurt as much if lower-level prospects were sent to Colorado in exchange for the All-Star infielder.

The Rockies aren't likely to do that kind of deal because there would be quite the uproar in Colorado if the best player on the team gets shipped away for a bunch of guys who won't have a future impact on the organization and it's rebuilding process.

For now, it's looking like any deals for Tulo are dead from the Yankees end as their prospect package probably isn't good enough anyway; although even if Cashman had enough youngsters to entice the Rockies, he still may decline such a deal down the road.


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