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New York Yankees: Shane Greene’s Flip to 1st Base was Worst Ever (Video)

July 22nd, 2014 at 9:20 AM
By Michael Moraitis

For all Shane Greene has done well with the New York Yankees so far, he nearly erased all of it on Monday night when he committed three errors in the field by himself, with one of them being the worst flip to first base you will ever see.

One of the errors was a simple dropped ball when he was covering first base, while the other two errors were both of the throwing variety.

The second throwing error what somewhat of a tough play, but the first was just totally inexcusable.

The video is courtesy of

On the bright side of things, Greene's bad start and rough night in the field was the first of its kind since he joined the Yankees.

It isn't time to write off Greene just yet as a result, however the Yanks are hoping Greene doesn't go the way of their other replacements: from promising to a bust.

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