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MLB Trade Deadline: New York Yankees Trading for Chase Headley was Right Move to Make

July 22nd, 2014 at 3:08 PM
By Douglas Rush

On Tuesday, the New York Yankees finally made a move for offense as they acquired third basemen Chase Headley from the San Diego Padres for Yangervis Solarte and prospect Rafael DePaula; Michael Moraitis of Yankees 101 broke the news of the deal when it happened.

The trade became official on Tuesday and the former All Star will head to the Bronx; it's unsure if he will play for the team on Tuesday night against the Texas Rangers or make his debut on Wednesday against Texas.

The trade is three years in the making, which was when the Yankees first had interest in acquiring Headley, but the Padres weren't interested in dealing their starting third basemen when they were dealing with injuries to Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. Since then, the Yankees have always asked the Padres on the availability on Headley each summer and were told no.

But not in the summer of 2014, as the Yankees interest picked up once he started hitting .323 in the month of July and picked up his average from .201 to .229; it was a mechanical issue that has helped Headley and his average has been better since the fix. With Headley, the Yankees get a younger option at third base who can play both third and first, is a switch-hitter (something the Yankees can never have enough of) and is a solid fielder at third.

With the bat, Headley once hit 31 home runs and 115 RBI for San Diego back in the 2012 season and finished fifth in the NL MVP voting and the Yankees are hoping that will be the player the Yankees look to add to a lineup that at times, has struggled to score runs. The move from Petco Park to Yankee Stadium could only help Headley's average and power numbers go up. Aside from hitting .229, Headley has seven home runs and 32 RBI in 77 games for the Padres.

Another great thing that came of it is the Yankees have an option after 2014 on what to do with Headley; if he works out, they can always re-sign him to a long-term deal and make him the new starting third basemen and shift A-Rod to the DH spot; or if he falls flat on his face and fails in the Bronx, the Yankees can simply let Headley go as a free agent and bring A-Rod back as the starting third basemen.

But the best part of the deal; it only cost the Yankees Solarte and DePaula, which in trade terms, was practically nothing. Solarte was a 28-year-old who caught fire for two months, then fell back to earth and eventually, got sent back to the minors at one point because the league caught up to him. With the Padres, Solarte will get a chance to play regularly everyday, but his time had come with the Yankees. Getting Headley, who two years ago would have cost the Yankees some of their best prospects in the farm system, but because Headley wasn't putting up the power numbers he did in the past, the Yankees bought extremely low on Headley.

Now, they finally get Headley when he's finally finding the same form and swing that made him an MVP candidate and just in the nick of time when they need offense. Brian Cashman from time to time can pull a rabbit out of his hat and in this trade, he pulled off a solid trade that should help the Yankees down the stretch.


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