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MLB Trade Rumors: Growing Feeling New York Yankees Could Swing Trade for Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki

July 19th, 2014 at 11:19 AM
By Douglas Rush

With Derek Jeter's upcoming retirement after this season, the question continues to remain; who will become the next shortstop of the New York Yankees after the Yankees captain hangs up the spikes in November.

Even with players like Hanley Ramirez and J.J. Hardy set to become free agents after the season and with Starlin Castro, Jimmy Rollins or Elvis Andrus' names coming up because of their teams selling this month, the one name that continues to come up is another potential seller in the Colorado Rockies and their All Star shortstop in Troy Tulowitzki.

What once started as chatter, trade speculation and dream scenarios tying Tulowitzki to the Yankees has really evolved into a growing possibility, especially with the Rockies in last place and not looking like they will be in contention anytime soon. Just after the 2014 All Star Game; in which during the week, Tulowitzki called being Jeter's heir "the perfect story," especially since Tulowitzki idolized Jeter growing up and wears number 2 to honor his childhood hero, the talk of Tulowitzki taking over for Jeter as the next Yankees shortstop started to become real, something John Harper of the New York Daily News wrote this past week.

"There are enticing trade possibilities, including Troy Tulowitzki, Starlin Castro, Elvis Andrus and even Jose Reyes, but there are either roadblocks to doing a deal or significant drawbacks to the player involved. Much could depend on how the Yankees finish the season and whether they’ll remain committed to spending again this offseason in another effort to assemble a championship-caliber ballclub. In any case, the trade candidates are better than the free agents, and I wouldn’t rule out the dream scenario of getting Tulowitzki, simply because the Yankees are one of the few teams that might be willing to take on the remaining six years and $118 million that he is guaranteed on his contract."
Harper wasn't the only one to mention and tie Tulowitzki's hints of wanting to play for the Yankees and the team's need for a shortstop; which Johnette Howard of ESPN New York talked about as well.
"The daydreaming about Colorado Rockies All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki someday replacing Derek Jeter in the New York Yankees' lineup didn't just start when they both pulled into Minneapolis for this week's All-Star Game, and reporters revived the stories about how Tulowitzki grew up idolizing Jeter, or how he wears No. 2 in honor of him. Tulowitzki started directly addressing the speculation way back in spring training because the Yankees are going to have two vacancies — at shortstop, and as the face of the franchise — when Jeter retires after this season. Now, the best reason to still consider the possibility that Tulowitzki, the best all-around shortstop in the game, could end up in New York isn't just that he already fills those roles for Colorado. Or that the Yankees could absorb the seven years left on his $157.5 million contract that runs through the 2020 season, with a club option for 2021. The reason to pay attention to the Tulowitzki talk is Tulowitzki himself doesn't dismiss it. If anything, Tulowitzki seems willing to talk about coming to the Yanks whenever he's asked, wherever he's asked."
Howard's fellow colleague A.J. Maas of ESPN also talked about the idea of not only dealing for Tulowitzki for the Yankees, but doing so this season with Jeter still on the team.
"You couldn't have watched the All-Star Game and missed the fact that this is the final season for shortstop Derek Jeter. Given that there will be a huge hole in the New York Yankees clubhouse come 2015, could the organization decide to make a huge deal to pass the torch while Jeter is still in uniform? The question is whether or not the Yankees would be able to put together a package that the Rockies would accept, and you'd have to think that Gary Sanchez and either David Robertson or Dellin Betances would have to be the starting point of any potential deal."
By trading either Robertson or Betances, the Yankees would then be determining who is the closer going forward in 2014 and beyond, especially if they decided to include Robertson in the deal, which means they would be going with Betances. Or, if Betances were to be included, Robertson would be the guy the Yankees would likely commit to going forward (remember, Andrew Bailey is supposed to return in either late August or early September from injuries.)
The best thing though, which is brought up in every single trade discussion involving Tulowitzki-to-the-Yankees is the fact that the team can inherit the remaining seven years left on his deal and give Colorado salary relief. Hal Steinbrenner has already gone on the record to saying he was willing to add to the payroll if it meant making the team better and adding someone of the likes of Tulowitzki would be a major boost to an offense that at times, has struggled to score runs.
Now if the Yankees were to manage to swing a deal within the next 12 days and land Tulowitzki from Colorado, the Yankees would have to figure out where he would play with Jeter still healthy and in the lineup; whether it be at second or third base. Third base might be the most logical as Brian Roberts has played better of late and Kelly Johnson's average is just abysmal to which taking him out of the lineup would be beneficial, especially if it meant adding Tulowitzki's bat into it.
If the Yankees are serious about making a run towards October baseball and at the same time, want to solve their shortstop problem for 2015 and beyond, the trade for Tulowitzki continues to make sense and the trade discussions will only continue to get louder with each passing day.


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