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Dellin Betances not Pitching in MLB All-Star Game a Horrible Decision

July 17th, 2014 at 10:35 AM
By Michael Moraitis

New York Yankees reliever and rising star Dellin Betances made it to his first All-Star Game in 2014, however it was a horrible decision not to let the 26-year-old at least face a batter in the midsummer classic.

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell made the decision not to give Betances an opportunity to show the nation his stuff. After all, if you're outside of New York, Dellin Betances is likely just a name you've heard and not a player you've seen.

Betances is about as dominant and exciting to watch as is humanly possible coming from a guy out of the bullpen. His first full season in the big leagues has led to hitters looking ridiculous as he pitches to a 1.46 ERA while striking out everyone on the planet.

It's for that reason and the fact that he's a rising star in the MLB that made it a necessity for Farrell to put him in. The All-Star Game is the perfect stage for the league to showcase it's up-and-comers, but for whatever head-scratching reason, Betances was left out.

Some people may point to the fact that at Betances' age, there will be plenty more chances for him to get pitch in an All-Star Game. This simply wasn't his time and innings and outs were wisely distributed to some of the team's older players.

Still, excitement and even player promotion should always take precedent over anything else when it comes to the midsummer classic.

Betances spoke about his All-Star experience and as expected he handled it professionally when asked about his absence from the game, per Bryan Hoch of

"I enjoyed this experience. It's a very special experience," Betances said. "I guess I could use the rest. I'll take the extra days off and be ready to help the team win the division in the second half."

"For me, I try to enjoy it as much as I can," Betances said. "I would've loved to pitch, but I enjoyed this. Hopefully, next year things go my way and I get to participate again, or whenever that time is, I'll have a chance to pitch. The days off definitely will help."

Yankees fans know how fun it is to watch Betances pitch with his ball moving all over the place, but the rest of the baseball world needed to see him own some of the National League's best hitters, also.

Farrell could have at least given Betances a batter to show his electric abilities much like he did many relievers on his roster.

But he didn't and instead the nation was deprived of seeing a truly exciting and elite pitcher do his thing.

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