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New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter Kicks Joe Buck Out of Locker Room Before 2014 All Star Game (Video)

July 16th, 2014 at 12:10 PM
By Douglas Rush

Many know Joe Buck as the main play-by-play voice for FOX Sports and have heard him call many World Series games, as well as a lot of NFL games which includes many Super Bowls.

However, he does have a reputation amongst fans as being one of the most annoying voices in the broadcasting world to go along with being one of the most egotistical ones in the broadcasting world (being the son of legendary announcer Jack Buck may have played a part in that.)

Just before Tuesday's 2014 All Star Game, Buck was doing the a part of a vignette in which he was going into the American League locker room to introduce some of the players in which he got to Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout and then he got to New York Yankees captain and starting shortstop Derek Jeter who looked far from amused with Buck being in the locker room.

In the video posted, Jeter tells Buck to "get the heck out of here, we have a game to play," in which Buck has nothing else to say other than the game starts now, and then the promos start on FOX for the All Star Game.

While FOX does a tremendous job covering the game, Jeter was right to kick him out of the locker room, especially if the team is trying to prepare and focus on winning the game. And unlike in the past, it's not just an exhibition game as the winner gets their league home field advantage in the World Series.

Jeter finished his final All Star Game going 2-for-2 with a single, double and a run scored. Clearly, Jeter was focused on helping his team win the game and they did just that in the 5-3 victory for the American League.


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