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New York Yankees Trade for Brandon McCarthy Isn’t a Big Help for Team

July 6th, 2014 at 12:51 PM
By Michael Moraitis

The New York Yankees acquired Arizona Diamondbacks right-hander Brandon McCarthy for struggling left-hander Vidal Nuno, but it's a trade that does next to nothing for the team.

McCarthy sports a 3-10 record and a 5.01 ERA in 2014. We won't hold the record against him because he played for one of the worst teams in baseball, however his ERA isn't a good sign that he'll be too successful in the Bronx.

It's no secret the Yanks are desperate for pitching. Their rotation is in shambles and because of that, the Yanks are sending out minor-league pitchers to the mound on a daily basis. Thankfully, McCarthy's stuff is a bit more big-league capable.

Despite that, what New York needs is an impact starter and McCarthy doesn't qualify as such. Granted, his numbers are slightly better than Nuno's and he is a more serviceable starter, but he's a minimal upgrade at best and not a No. 2 or No. 3 like the Yanks need.

McCarthy does have one thing going for him: his advanced stats. In the world of sabermetrics, McCarthy is somewhat of a darling and those people feel his numbers are better than his ERA entails. However, an ERA over five is an alarming stat nonetheless.

Those of us who still hold ERA as a valuable stat are going to remain skeptical until McCarthy does live up to what the sabermetrics community thinks of him. Until then, this doesn't seem to be a big move from general manager Brian Cashman.

This won't be the last of their moves before the trade deadline as the Yankees know full well McCarthy isn't going to carry them to October and it's just a matter of time before Cashman pulls the trigger on a deal that can help his club in a bigger way.

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