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Pete Rose on Hits Record: Never Thought Derek Jeter Had a Chance of Passing Him

June 29th, 2014 at 5:04 AM
By Mike Warsaw

It's funny how things turn out. In 1963 the Cincinnati Reds named Pete Rose their starting second baseman and the then 21 year old infielder was headed for great career in baseball. In 1995 Derek Jeter made his Major League debut with the New York Yankees at shortstop, both players had illustrious careers, but Rose's career has been severely tainted and tarnished.

Pete Rose is still the All-Time hits leader in baseball, but Derek Jeter has had a stellar career, free of controversy. Rose who is banned for life from Major League Baseball is still the All-Time hits leader in baseball. He reminded Ken Davidoff of The New York Post of that as he spoke with him earlier this week.

"I'm one of those guy's who never thought he had a chance of passing me," Rose told Davidoff. "He didn't play last year, right?" Davidoff corrected the All-Time Hit King, "He played in 17 games."Go ahead and give him 200 hits last year and see where he is on the list," Rose said. "He's still 600 or 700 short."

This isn't the first time that Rose has made a statement concerning Jeter's chances of catching him. In October of 2012, Rose told Joe Posnanski of the website Sports On Earth that he felt Jeter would fall short.

He still needs 950 hits, right? He had a great year this year , but you think he can do it again? At 39? A shortstop? Let's say he does it again. Let's say he get 200 more hits next year. And let's say he gets 200 more hits when he's 40, though I don't think he can. Ok, he can he get  200 more hits when he's 41? You think he can?

Luckily Jeter will be leaving the game he loves in good standing and well represented in the record books. Rose is still the lifetime leader with 4,256 hits and Jeter is currently sitting with 3,391 and will not surpass Rose as he will retire at the end of this season.

As Pete Rose camps out across the street from the Baseball Hall Of Fame every summer, hocking autographs in a hotel lobby, it will be Jeter who enters the Hall. Rose may be the All-Time Hit King, but Jeter will be a member in good standing, when he is enshrined in Cooperstown in 2019. 

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