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New York Yankees Will Take Alex Rodriguez Back in 2015 ‘As Long as He Can Play’

June 25th, 2014 at 2:21 PM
By Douglas Rush

It's been widely speculated and debated that Alex Rodriguez dropped his final, remaining lawsuit that was against the New York Yankees team doctor for medical malpractice in order to clear the air and start getting ready for 2015.

If A-Rod had came into the 2015 season with the lawsuit against Dr. Christopher Ahmad, that could have made for a very awkward and potentially, a very ugly scenario, maybe one that included the Yankees telling Rodriguez to not report to camp, but that's not the case. Rodriguez dropped the suit and ended all of his legal matters he had stemming back from his Biogenesis case that lead to his 211-game suspension which was reduced to 162 games.

Once that 162 game suspension is over, the Yankees will have Rodriguez back on the team, so long as he can still play baseball, as Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York reported on Wednesday.

"Now, it seems A-Rod is finally heeding Cashman's advice. While it may not be because of Cashman's words — frankly, it probably isn't — Rodriguez has stepped away from the spotlight during his exile from the game over his involvement in the Biogenesis PED case. A source told last week that the Yankees are prepared to take Rodriguez back in 2015, "If he can still play." Either way, the Yankees will still pay the soon-to-be 39-year-old Rodriguez. They owe him $61 million over the next three years. If he were to hit six more homers, he would tie Willie Mays with 660 career long balls, which would be worth another $6 million. "
The Yankees weren't on hook for the $25 million owed to Rodriguez while he serves his suspension this season, but once that's over, the Yankees owe him $61 million over the next three seasons, plus bonus money for surpassing home run records. A-Rod currently has 654 home runs for his career and is set to earn an extra $6 million if he surpasses Willie Mays, who has 660 home runs.
With Alfonso Soriano, Ichiro Suzuki, Brian Roberts and Kelly Johnson all set to hit free agency, the retirement of Derek Jeter once the 2014 season concludes, plus the struggles going on by Yangervis Solarte currently, A-Rod's bat and presence in the lineup certainly can help a team and offense that is struggling to score runs. 
Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner had already admitted that the Yankees wouldn't buy out the rest of A-Rod's $61 million owed to him and would rather see him earn his paycheck. The teams need for offense and saying that they will have him back so long as he can play (and he's reportedly been keeping himself in shape down in Miami) all but guarantees that A-Rod will be a Yankee again in 2015.
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