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Yankees Director of Scouting Damon Oppenheimer a Potential Candidate for San Diego Padres GM Vacancy

June 24th, 2014 at 12:24 AM
By Douglas Rush

Most might not know the name Damon Oppenheimer around the New York Yankees, but he's been a big part of their organization since 1993.

He's been the team's director of amateur scouting and a part of the Yankees organization for over 20 years and has had his name come up at least once in a general manager's search. Back in 2010, Oppenheimer was a candidate for the Arizona Diamondbacks job, but the Yankees told Arizona no to interviewing Oppenheimer and instead, the job went to Kevin Towers (who is a good friend of Brian Cashman and worked under him when he was in between the Padres and Diamondbacks jobs.)

However, this time, Oppenheimer may be a potential candidate for the San Diego Padres general manager job; a job that just became vacant on Sunday after Josh Byrnes was fired. Former New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya is currently one of three people serving on the interim basis, but the team wants to hire an external option and preferably, a first-time general manager with fresh ideas, which is where Oppenheimer's name comes in. Jim Bowden of ESPN and former Nationals and Reds GM explains why Oppenheimer is a candidate for the San Diego job.

"Oppenheimer is Southern California native whose ties to the Padres run deep: His mother was their director of minor league operations and he was even a peanut vendor at Jack Murphy Stadium as a teenager. Additionally, he served an area scout for the Padres early in his career before moving over to the Yankees in 1993.  He gradually worked his way up to become an integral member of GM Brian Cashman's staff. So integral, in fact, that the Arizona Diamondbacks requested permission to interview Oppenheimer for their GM opening after the 2010 season but were denied. I don't get the sense that Cashman would stand in Oppenheimer's way this time, though, when you consider his connection to the Padres."
Some have thought that Oppenheimer could be a potential candidate to replace Brian Cashman for the job if he ever decides to step away or accepts a promotion, which would explain why Cashman said no to the Diamondbacks interviewing him four years ago.
Oppenheimer's ties to the Padres run deep so it's quite possible that Cashman might not be able to say no if the Padres come calling and wanting to talk to their guy. Other candidates Bowden listed were David Forst, assistant GM for the Oakland A's, Thad Levine, assistant GM for the Texas Rangers, Jason McLeod, VP of player development and Al Avila, assistant GM for the Detroit Tigers.


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