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MLB Trade Rumors: Cincinnati Reds’ Mat Latos a Possible Trade Interest for New York Yankees

June 23rd, 2014 at 5:32 PM
By Douglas Rush

With two of the potential trade targets no longer in the New York Yankees price range, they need to look around at other potential ideas before the July 31 trade deadline.

One comes to mind as a potential idea, although the team that has the current starter needs to fall out of the race for them to even consider; the Cincinnati Reds and their right-handed starter, Mat Latos. Joel Sherman of the New York Post talked about the idea of Latos briefly on Monday.

"The perception of the Yankees farm system is better than the past two seasons, but it still lacks knocking-on-the-door impact players. A significant trade probably would have to be built around Gary Sanchez or John Ryan Murphy.Therefore, unless someone such as Cincinnati’s Mat Latos or San Diego’s Andrew Cashner becomes available, the Yankees might have to shoot lower for pitchers such as the White Sox’s John Danks, the Cubs’ Jason Hammel or the Padres’ Ian Kennedy."

The New York Yankees were actually once interested in Latos, who was then a member of the San Diego Padres, but back in the winter of 2011, the Yankees simply weren't willing to trade what the Padres wanted for the big right-hander, as Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York wrote almost three years ago.

"The price tag for Mat Latos was higher than they were willing to spend. The Yankees, according to an official familiar with the Padres' talks, said the Yankees were not going to give up their top-tier guys (Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, etc) for the 24-year-old Latos."

Latos just made his season debut for the Reds this past week after spending most of the 2014 season on the shelf with an injury. In his debut start, he looked impressive, keeping the Milwaukee Brewers scoreless over six innings, but then in his second start, allowed five runs on nine hits in 5.2 innings to the Toronto Blue Jays.

It's tough to tell if the Reds will be buyers or sellers at the deadline considering they're at 37-37 and have been a playoff team over the last couple of seasons. However, they are 8.5 games back in the National League Central and haven't looked like a contending team all year and they could look to sell once July rolls around.

The Padres once asked for a lot from the Yankees for Latos, but it's unclear if Cincinnati would do the same if they are willing to put Latos on the trade block. Back in the winter, the Reds and Yankees were involved in trade discussions when they were interested in sending Brandon Phillips to New York in exchange for Brett Gardner, but the Yankees rejected that deal and kept Gardner to be their leadoff hitter. 

Latos, who is 55-40 on his career with the Padres and Reds, would be an interesting name for the Yankees to revisit as he's only 26-years-old and given his durability and ability to be a strikeout pitcher, would be a nice future fixture to insert into the Yankees rotation. But as we speculated before, if the Reds put Latos on the market, will they be looking for a deal like the Padres were three years ago?



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