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Alex Rodriguez Dropped Lawsuit to All but Guarantee He’ll Play for New York Yankees in 2015 Season

June 22nd, 2014 at 9:21 AM
By Douglas Rush

On Friday, Alex Rodriguez had one lawsuit left still standing, a bit of an in-house one tied from his winter arbitration hearing that determined the 211, now 162 game suspension from the Biogenesis case.

That lawsuit, which was against the New York Yankees team doctor, Dr. Christopher Ahmad, for medical malpractice over his injured hip in October of 2012, was dropped and all of A-Rod's legal matters are now complete. The reasoning: A-Rod wanted to guarantee that he was playing in the 2015 season when his season-long suspension is over.

Through his spokesperson Ron Berkowitz, A-Rod said on Saturday that he will in fact play for the Yankees in 2015 and will attempt to comeback to the team and try to finish out the final three years of his 10-year, $275 million deal.

"All legal matters have been resolved. He has full intentions on playing in 2015," A-Rod spokesman Ron Berkowitz said Friday afternoon. (Reached on Thursday, Rodriguez said he is leaving the comments to Berkowitz for now.)

If A-Rod had attempted to come back while still pursuing a lawsuit against his employers, that could have gotten really ugly very quickly. But now that it's over, A-Rod can concentrate on baseball and being a member of the Yankees again. Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner already admitted that they weren't going to pay $61 million to buy out the remaining three years of his contract and said he will have to earn his salary, which he should do. A-Rod's still a baseball player who doesn't want his career to end on that sour of a note and as long as he's an active player, he should be allowed to go out on his own terms, not baseball's and not Bud Selig's.

Plus, as Jon Heyman from CBS Sports and WFAN wrote on Saturday, the Yankees will need his bat in the lineup and potentially, in the field when next season rolls around.

"The Yankees haven't said anything yet, but really, they have no choice but to let him back on the field. For one, their infield as it stands is thin, brittle and not too young, and the retirement of A-Rod's famed frenemy Derek Jeter, the amazing Yankees icon, clears a little extra space. For another, the Yankees don't have a starting third baseman lined up. Lastly, it would be financial idiocy to simply cut A-Rod. The Yankees stand to collect squat of the remaining $61 million if they don't at least let him give it a go. Whereas, if he can't physically make it, they may get back as much as 80-plus percent of the remaining monies via their big insurance policy."
With Derek Jeter's retirement, Brian Roberts, Alfonso Soriano and Kelly Johnson both free agents after 2014 and no guaranteed third basemen to be playing, it makes all the sense in the world to bring A-Rod back and see what kind of production he can offer.
Remember, last year when he returned to the Yankees after recovering from hip surgery, he was hitting over .300 at one point with an over .400 on-base percentage for the team and hit seven home runs with 19 RBI in just 19 games; and that was without a full six weeks of spring training under his belt. Just imagine what he can do with time to prepare, plus over a full year of rest and getting healthy? Oh, and not to mention, in that brief time he played, A-Rod outproduced every other player the Yankees put at third base, one of which was Kevin Youkilis; whom the Yankees paid $12 million to take A-Rod's place while he was on the DL recovering from hip surgery.
Plus, by the time the suspension is over, the vicious hate some of the anti-Rodriguez people have will have come and gone, and fans have shown they can forgive PED guys; the Yankee fans forgave Jason Giambi when he admitted to steroid use in 2004. The Baltimore Orioles certainly don't care about Nelson Cruz's past and are enjoying his bat in the lineup; as are the Cardinals with Jhonny Peralta and more importantly, the Brewers with Ryan Braun, and he fully lied about his PED use. Fans might not forget, but they do forgive, and they also love a comeback story. A-Rod at 39-years-old would be the next one attempting to pull it off and if anything, it'll give the fans something to cheer for every time he comes to the plate at Yankee Stadium.
A-Rod getting the chance to return to the Yankees in the 2015 season is the best thing for both sides.


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