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New York Yankees: Vidal Nuno Should Be Designated for Assignment After Sunday’s Loss to Oakand A’s

June 16th, 2014 at 12:40 AM
By Douglas Rush

On Sunday afternoon, the New York Yankees were buried in the first two innings of their series finale against the Oakland A's at the Coliseum.

They did manage to score five runs in the game, which normally, is enough for most teams to win, but Vidal Nuno got a shovel and buried the Yankees from the moment he touched a baseball in Oakland.

His three-run home run that he served up to Derek Norris in the first inning put them behind 3-0, but it didn't completely kill their chances of winning or getting back into the game. The moment the Yankees were buried was when Coco Crisp hit his three-run home run in the second inning that put Oakland up 6-0. At 6-0, the Yankees knew their day was over.

At the end of the day, Nuno was saddled for the loss, dropping him to 1-4 on the year, with a 5.90 ERA; an ERA that jumped from 4.97 to 5.90 after allowing eight runs on eight hits in just three-plus innings of work. There's no other term to put how Nuno's been other than he's been downright dreadful.

A 1-4 and 5.90 ERA isn't even good enough to pitch in Class-AAA Scranton/Wilks-Barre, much less on the Yankees, and if Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi have any common sense between the two of them, Nuno does not make his next start for the team. He needs to be designated for assignment and either sent back to the minors or be completely released altogether. 

Nuno has yet to show anyone that he's capable of handling major league pitching. Sure, he's had a handful of decent starts with his best one being against the Los Angeles Angels back in May, but one start and one win does not constitute a guaranteed roster spot on the major league level; pitching consistently and winning often does. Nuno has done neither.

What's even worse is not only is Nuno getting knocked around in starts, but he fails to also give the Yankees depth and length into games. For the second time in three starts, Nuno failed to even get out of the fifth inning, and on Sunday, Nuno couldn't even get out of the fourth inning and made Girardi tax his bullpen again for six innings of relief work. That's also not good at all.

It would be one thing if Nuno were giving you six or seven innings and losing. Eating innings always helps and keeps pitchers around in the majors; Livan Hernandez made a career out of that. But when you get knocked out of the game before the fifth inning on a regular basis, you're not going to have a very long career in the sport and with the Yankees in the thick of an American League East race, Nuno hurts their chances of winning.

So whether the Yankees have to call someone up from the minor leagues, sign a free agent off the street, or make a trade for a starter, Vidal Nuno needs to go from this roster as he is not cut out to be pitching for the Yankees and DFA'ing him as soon as possible would be the wise move for Cashman to make instead of Girardi handing him a baseball five games later after this latest stinkfest.


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