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New York Yankees: David Phelps’ Great Start Saves Spot in Rotation

June 14th, 2014 at 6:52 AM
By Michael Moraitis

David Phelps may not have been a shoe-in to be kicked out of the New York Yankees rotation just yet, but he was certainly in danger of going down that path before a great performance versus the Oakland A's on Friday in a 7-0 Yankees win.

It was Phelps' best start of the season as he went 6.2 innings without allowing a run. He struck out four while only allowing two hits to one of the best teams in the American League.

Before Friday, Phelps had thrown two consecutive stinkers for the Yanks.

He had allowed a total of 13 runs in his past two outings, with seven coming against the Kansas City Royals and six versus the Seattle Mariners. Phelps looked to be heading down the road that would make him a reliever once again.

Instead he responded big time against the A's and the talk about removing him from the starting five will be silenced for now.

It's nice he was able to answer the call, but now the next step is for Phelps to give the Yanks some consistency with a few good starts in a row, and giving them some length wouldn't hurt, either.

With CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda being out until at least July and August, respectively, Phelps remains a vital piece of the Yanks rotation until they return and quite possibly beyond.

If New York hopes to stay in the hunt and move up the standings while those two are gone and 60 percent of its rotation is missing overall, more starts like that of the one Phelps had on Friday are absolutely necessary.

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