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Army Dad Reunites with Family During New York Yankees-Seattle Mariners Game (Video)

June 13th, 2014 at 3:08 PM
By Douglas Rush

One of the greatest things for people to see and watch is when families all over the country are reunited by members of their family who are serving our country.

That was the case on Thursday night, as during the middle of the game between the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners, Army Lt. Colonel Kevin Stoll came home after a 12-month stay overseas in the Gulf region.

Stoll's family, his wife Jennifer and two children, Solden and Seville, were at Safeco Field as part of what they thought was Military Appreciation known as "Salute to Those Who Serve," only they were in for a bigger surprise. While the cameras were on the Stoll family, the army dad raced up behind his family to reunite with the three, in which the crowd in Seattle broke out in a standing ovation.

The Stoll family lives in Seattle and the Mariners were more than happy to accommodate in the reunion between Stoll and his family, whom he hadn't seen in over a year.

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